404 SVG Animation Templates

While browsing a website, you may well have encountered broken links, no-results search pages, and 404 page not found problems, among other things. What about an error page that dazzles consumers with its beautiful and responsive design? Here are incredibly unique and interesting 404 svg animation templates created using CSS, SVG, and JavaScript that You got on codepen.

SVG Animation 404 Page by Stéphane Deluce

If you run an online business of any type, your website must have a 404 page. Not just any kind; make it as unique as unique as your primary website. Rather of utilizing the default, customize it using one of our free error page themes .They are easy to use, contemporary, mobile-ready, and visually appealing. Additionally, you may fine-tune them and somewhat alter the site design to make it more consistent with your identity. It does not have to be difficult to add new layouts to a current or soon-to-be-launched website.


404 Error Page-Animated SVG by Henry W

It is a another sleek and tidy looking error page template. As the name indicates this template follows a basic design and the settings are likewise restricted. But where this design stands out from the others is with the unique and intelligent utilized error message. With the vast amount of room for the text message, you may add as many characters as you like.


404 Page-SVG Animation by Namrata Podder

With your error page, one can keep the design simple while yet keeping things running smoothly online. There is no need to overcomplicate; simplicity is always the best strategy if you are unsure of what would work best for your project. And this amazing free error page template is much more than suitable for achieving outstanding outcomes. What’s nice about this design is that it includes a search bar in addition to the 404 indication. This manner, you may provide another opportunity for your user to locate what they’re searching for before they leave your website.


404 Page Animation by Dany Santos

If you’re looking for pure simplicity with a dash of inventiveness, we’ve got a fun little surprise for you. A beautiful, attention-grabbing, responsive, and adaptable black and white free error page template that will suffice. If your website already has a minimalist aesthetic, maintain it even when it comes to a 404 page. You may simply accomplish this right now by downloading the template and immediately putting it to use.


404 Error Page: Animated SVG by Christine i

Another really straightforward free error page website template with just the perfect amount of action to keep your customers engaged. And, rather of exiting your website, customers may just click the Go To Homepage button to continue viewing your information. Indeed, it is just what you desire. With a colorful and attractive call-to-action button, you can maximize your potential and decrease the probability that they will bounce.


404 Page SVG Animation by Sepion

If the page they’re looking for is no longer available, you may either redirect them to another website or simply utilise an error page. There is a significant possibility they may also type an incorrect search term, which will direct them to a 404 error page. In any case, you may maintain a high level of engagement even if they land on an empty page. You may either invite them to return or allow them to search again using the search tool.


404 Magnifying Glass svg Animation by Maelle Gomez

If your website has a dark theme, it’s only natural that you’d like your error page to be dark as well. While you could build it yourself, what would be much better is to simply download this design and get started. A beautiful, stylish, and professional free error page template with an eye for detail.


GSAP:SVG Animation 404 Error Milk Carton by Christine i

Whatever style your page embodies, we have a free error page template for you. There is no reason to create one from the ground up when there are so many distinct versions and solutions available. What do you think of this next one as a bubbly error page? With rounded typography and a primary hue of pink, you’ll capture their attention and prompt them to retype the search phrase.


404 SVG Animation by Patrick Ahmetovic

Another free error page template with a stunning dark look for those who want to deviate from the standard. While websites with lighter designs are more common, some individuals prefer a darker theme. Not only because people like it, but also because a dark-themed website produces better results. In any case, get this clean and modern site skin, which is also mobile-friendly and adaptable, and easily integrate it into your website.



These are the greatest 404 svg animation templates you may use as a starting point for designing your own personalized error pages. The majority of the templates on this list include the code that was used to create them, which can help you gain a better understanding of how they function. If you are a developer, these free error templates will undoubtedly serve as a starting point for developing your own unique template for online projects. Still unable to locate the template you require? Please have a peek at our 404 svg animation templates to get a better sense of what we’re talking about.