Best Free Affiliate WordPress Plugins

The top free WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing If you want to start an affiliates website, check out our list of the top free affiliate plugins.


To increase sales and traffic to your online business, you can use affiliate marketing plugins. To get your affiliates and review plugins off the ground, check out our choice of the top free Affiliate WordPress Plugins.

Affiliates Manager

Does your WordPress site have any kind of online shop? It is possible to use WP Affiliate Manager to run an affiliate marketing programme to increase traffic and revenue to your online business. If you’re looking to get your business noticed, affiliate marketing is a great way to do so at a low cost. Recruiting, registering, logging in, and managing affiliates are all made easier with our wordpress affiliate plug-in. Your affiliates’ traffic will be tracked, and you’ll be compensated for it.



The most widely used open-source eCommerce platform is WooCommerce. Our fundamental platform is open source, scalable, and backed by a worldwide network of users. Open-source software allows you to keep complete control over your store’s content and data. You may use WooCommerce whether you’re starting a new business, bringing brick-and-mortar retail to the internet, or creating websites for clients.


Pretty Links – Link Management, Branding, Tracking & Sharing Plugin

You may use your own domain name instead of,, or any other link-shortening provider to create shortened URLs with Pretty Links. Besides making clean links, Pretty Links keeps track of every click on your URL and delivers a comprehensive report on the source, browser, operating system, and server. In order to tidy up their affiliate links, measure clicks from emails or Twitter, or improve the reach of their website by sharing these links in forums or comments on other sites, Pretty Links is an essential plugin.


ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager

There are no complicated installations. It’s nothing more than an additional post type in your administration and an additional button in your Visual editor. The “TA” button is useful when creating blog entries since it allows you to highlight a word and then click “TA.” This tool operates in the same way as the built-in link tool; you can search for the affiliate link you generated earlier by name using this tool as well. Additionally, you can utilize the Quick Add option to quickly add affiliate links to ThirstyAffiliates while you are composing your article.



Your partners will have an easier time spreading the news about your site, goods, and services if they use a modern and straightforward dashboard. Simple features incorporated into the website’s dashboard allow affiliates to easily distribute links to any page on the site with their followers. It is designed to provide an intuitive experience right out of the box, and it is compatible with practically any theme, including those that are not customized. The dashboard parts, which are customizable template-based dashboard sections, allow you to further modify the appearance and facilities supplied to your affiliates.


Auto Amazon Links – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

Are you still manually looking for goods and putting Amazon affiliate links into your WordPress blog posts? Suppose the products become obsolete. Using this plugin, you won’t have to worry about it or worry about completing such tedious duties. If you select a few categories that fit your site’s needs, Amazon will automatically populate your site with links to new goods that are currently available. Auto Affiliates may build Amazon affiliate links with the help of the Amazon Links WordPress plugin. Your Amazon Associates ID is included in the links. It works on JavaScript-disabled browsers and in all of Amazon’s supported languages.


Easy Affiliate Links

Developed by the same parent business that created Pretty Links and MemberPress, Easy Affiliate is a superb affiliate marketing plugin. These systems function flawlessly together and may be used to create a comprehensive affiliate programme that includes shorter, easy-to-remember affiliate links and referral schemes, among other things. Make advantage of auto-insert, shortcode, or a widget to position the advertising where the links should appear.


Affiliate Coupons – The #1 WordPress Coupon Plugin for Affiliate Marketers

Users of all skill levels can benefit from Affiliates Coupons, especially those who want to enhance their profits through coupon programmes. Any WordPress theme may use the Affiliates Coupons plugin. To get started, you don’t need any coding knowledge. Users may generate and manage coupons for numerous merchants. To get help, you may send an email or go through the knowledge base, which has a wealth of information. You may pick from a variety of templates when creating affiliate coupons. To show coupons, you may choose from a list or banner and a widget option. This WordPress plug-in is regularly updated to address bugs and enhance functionality.


Affiliate Power – Sales Tracking for Affiliate Marketers

If you’re an affiliate, you’re probably aware of the fact that tracking your earnings requires logging into a slew of various networks, each with their own set of backends and data. To compare the statistics, you need to export everything, paste it into Excel, convert it, and so on. You’d be better off spending your time elsewhere. That’s why I created the WordPress Plugin Affiliate Power, because I had the same thinking. Profits from numerous affiliate networks are imported into one central account. In the WordPress backend, you’ll be able to get up-to-the-minute earning reports and analytics. You don’t have to pay a dime for the basic version. You may find out exactly what ad was sent to you through the premium version’s tracking features.


Auto Affiliate Links

Using Auto Affiliate Links, you can include affiliate links into your content without having to do anything. There are two ways you may use this plugin: you can either manually insert affiliate links and keywords into your content, or you can allow it to automatically extract and display links from various marketplaces such as Amazon and Clickbank. The “Auto Affiliate Links” section in your administrative panel allows you to do this manually if you like. Several settings, including whether or not the links should be hidden and whether or not they should appear on your homepage, may be found under “General Settings.”



The best free WordPress plugins for promoting affiliate links Check out our list of the best free affiliate plugins if you want to build an affiliate website. Plugins for affiliate marketing might help you grow your online business by increasing traffic and sales. We’ve compiled a list of the best free Affiliate WordPress Plugins themes to help you get started.