Best Agriculture WordPress Themes 2022

These themes show how wonderful and valuable your work is to others who care about it. Modern farming practices WordPress themes are the greatest approach to showcase organic farming businesses that priorities the health of their clients and adhere to time-honored production methods.


Fresh fruits and vegetables, wheat and rye fields, animal-friendly farms, and high-quality wineries are all on display at these markets. It’s time to show off your bounty of organic and non-GMO foods to the rest of the globe. With a well-designed theme and a stunning website!

Agrikon – Organic Food & Agriculture WooCommerce Theme

An organic e-commerce website for organic food shops that sell organic food in markets or grocery stores can be found by visiting the Agrikon WordPress Theme. This theme features organic food, farming and agriculture, organic food stores and recipes, as well as organic livestock and poultry. It also features plant biotechnology and precision farming techniques like tillage and tillage. You won’t need any coding knowledge to control the particles and make any adjustments.


Agro – Organic Farm Agriculture WordPress Theme

An organic food, farming, and livestock WordPress theme with a focus on organic food and agriculture, as well as a focus on plant biotechnology and precision farming. Clean design and up-to-date coding make this theme ideal for a wide range of projects, including agritourism, eco-stores, groundskeeping, florists, lawn services, organic farming, viticulture and nature, organic products, organic manure, poultry farming, aquaculture and forestry. You can use this theme for similar projects as well, such as agritourism and ecological stores. You won’t need any coding knowledge to take full control of the particles and make any modifications you like.


Hereford – Agriculture and Organic Food Theme

Thanks for visiting Hereford, a theme for building an amazing farm or organic food website. If you’re a foodie, a cheesemaker, or a farmer that raises cattle, honey bees, or an eco farm where you cultivate your own fruit, cheese, and veggies, this is the perfect theme for you. Layouts that can help you exhibit your items in a stunning way are included. Templates from us are ideal for any horse ranch or vineyard or winery or milk (dairy products) business. Those who want to create a high-quality website quickly and easily might choose Hereford.


Agricom – Agriculture & Organic Food WordPress Theme

Due to the fully modifiable nature of its template structure, the Agricom Agriculture Organic Food WordPress Theme is suitable for usage in a variety of retail settings. For instance, it has all of the website snippets that you will need in order to market a plant producing facility that you may use. If you are considering developing a website for a gardening-related business or hobby, we can assure you that the process will not cause you to experience an excessive amount of fatigue. Simply updating your website’s photos and text will be enough to give it a more contemporary appearance.


Sosso – Agriculture WordPress Theme

In order to aid small and medium-sized organic stores in showcasing, cataloguing, and selling farming products, we created the Sosso WordPress theme. It is multipurpose, user-friendly, and responsive. The theme’s basic yet effective design makes it easy for organic retailers to increase sales of natural foods. You’ll find all the information you need to create your own organic food website in the accompanying documents. The use of plugins like Elementor Page Builder and WooCommerce might make your marketing efforts easier.


Orga – Organic Farm & Agriculture

For environmentally friendly agricultural and livestock websites, Orga is a brand new Organic Food & Farm WordPress theme. Green farming projects, animal husbandry, and livestock farming all benefit from the Orga theme’s ability to accommodate many types of animal housing and raising operations. The Give contribution add-on is included with this farm theme for crowdfunding and fundraising. Initiate green initiatives online, such as the value of organic farming, pesticides and other insecticides and pesticides in the environment, biofuels, green food printing and vermi compost.


Agrikole | Responsive WordPress Theme for Agriculture & Farming

Ultra-responsive and retina-ready, Agrikole is an ideal WordPress theme for a wide range of Farming, Agriculture, and Organic Food-related websites of all sizes. Every aspect of the theme may be altered through a variety of settings and customization options. To make the theme as versatile and powerful as possible, we incorporated a large number of design layouts and patterns. Inside Agrikole, there are at least five different homepages. You can quickly design any sort of website since each homepage has its own unique layout, slider, and components. 70+ custom elements are also included in the theme’s drag-and-drop page builder


Agrosector – Agriculture & Organic Food

We’re proud to introduce our new WordPress theme tailored specifically for the agriculture industry, which includes farmers and businesses who offer organic products. When your visitors arrive at your website, they’ll be greeted by a stunning typography-focused homepage. Share recent projects on our Projects page, as well as reveal future plans for a richer inventory of items, customer service, etc. on one of our Single Project pages to build consumer confidence in your company.


Agrarium | Agriculture & Organic Food WordPress Theme

Your organic farm, organic food shop or dairy farm may be in need of a new website to promote its products and services. It might be difficult to find a suitable WordPress theme for it. If you don’t want to deal with it, though, we’ve got the Agrarium WordPress theme. Currently, this is one of the most stunning WordPress themes that you can find. Using this theme, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of the tedious and time-consuming effort that goes into building a website. This WordPress theme, Agrarium, has several advantages.


Farm Agrico | Agricultural Business & Organic Food WordPress Theme

Farm Agrico is a vibrant WordPress theme for organic farming. Agricultural businesses, healthy food blogs, gastrotourism, and healthy food shops are all excellent fits for this theme. Among other uses, it may be used for dairy and cheese farms, a winery, a vineyard, an eco-products store, and a bakery. A responsive and retina-ready design ensures that the theme looks great on any device, regardless of the screen size. Building an online store for organic products shouldn’t be a problem because the theme is WooCommerce plugin compatible and fully shop design integrated.


Rosewood | Eco Organic Farming Agricultural WordPress Theme

The Resewood WordPress Theme is an elegant, responsive, and contemporary option for organic farming websites. Those who are involved in farming and offer organic farm products online may find this platform useful. Because it comes with a large number of features that can be customized, the theme is an excellent choice for businesses that make eco-friendly items and run online stores or food shops that provide organic goods for healthy living.


Agritek – Agriculture, Dairyfarm and Gardening WordPress Theme

Agriculture, farming, gardening, dairy farms, organic stores, farming equipment, landscaping services, poultry operations and other agricultural enterprises may all benefit from the clean, modern and professional design of Agritek. A responsive design has been used throughout, and it has been thoroughly tested across all major browsers and devices. An event calendar, RTL support for WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor Page Builder and Slider Revolution plugin are all included in the Codestar WordPress Framework. You won’t need any coding knowledge to make modifications to any of the components.


Farmhouse – Agrotourism, Farming and Agriculture theme

Stunningly constructed WordPress theme that is ideally suited for agritourism, farming, agricultural, food stores, and other sectors associated with these industries. This is a full theme that helps you gain emphasis on the content of your website by featuring a number of components that are specialized to businesses, large fonts, and a roomy layout.


Seodo | Agriculture Farming Foundation WordPress Theme

We design a website template for an organic farming foundation that is agricultural and farming centred, and it features a lovely colour scheme and several components that are original. This template might be used for a wide variety of organic farming endeavours. If you want to give your website the finest possible appearance, you should consider using Seodo since it makes website creation simple and fast. Bootstrap has been used, and each of the files and the coding have been meticulously arranged.


The Landscaper – Lawn & Landscaping WP Theme

Landscaping, gardening, lawn care, grounds keeping and landscaping firms can use the Landscaper WordPress theme to advertise their services. With the One-Click Demo Importer, you can get your site up and running in less than a minute. The Drag & Drop Page Builder makes it simple to build pages, and the Theme Customizer lets you make quick changes to the theme’s appearance with a single click.



Using one of these WordPress themes, you can quickly and easily construct a stunning website dedicated to farming and agricultural. It makes it easier to market your farm, offer a wide range of organic products, and so on. In addition, we’ve developed a list of relevant topics in agriculture and farming. Check out this collection of the greatest gardening and landscape themes. These site templates may be used to launch a horticulture business or to provide information about floriculture farming.