Best Invoicing Apps in 2022

While invoicing can be a time-consuming chore, automating the process with the correct software can help you regain some of your productivity. Enhanced invoicing precision, new financial insights, and expedited payments are all potential outcomes.

Choose the best invoicing software for your needs by considering your budget, the kind of your business, its size, and your own preferences.

To assist you in making a choice, we analysed more than different invoicing applications and shortlisted four based on their cost, usability, functionality, and ability to integrate with other systems. To help you choose the best invoicing software for your company, we’ve compiled a short list of the most popular options.


Zoho Invoice delivers free invoicing and automation to businesses. It’s the best invoicing software for streamlining payments and process while saving money. Zoho offers business services for sales, marketing, and financing. Zoho Invoice offers customisable invoicing and payment services. Its automation capabilities make it our preferred invoicing software for business owners that wish to automate invoicing and customer relations.


Fresh Books

FreshBooks is the greatest overall invoicing software because of its value, accessibility, and scalability for company owners. This programme has award-winning customer service and accounting tools. FreshBooks offers personalised invoices, recurring billing, and auto-payment. Credit card and ACH payments are a victory for company owners and customers. Invoicing and other services may be accessible through laptop, tablet, or mobile, however some customers complain the mobile app lacks some desktop functions. FreshBooks’ mobile app lets you submit and review invoices.



The Wave billing app is our last recommendation. The company behind the software, which has been around since 2009, specializes in helping small businesses with their finances. This app’s freemium model is one of its most alluring aspects, as is the breadth of its functionality (billing, accounting, and more). You are free to submit as many individual bills as you like. The software is free, although it might use some enhancements despite this.


Quick Books

QuickBooks is the go-to resource for individuals, small companies, and not-so-small businesses. Its extensive data collecting, organising, and reporting features make it desirable to companies looking to manage company KPIs. QuickBooks’ invoicing functionality is broad. Users may personalise and automate QuickBooks invoices, add billable hours, and replicate comparable invoices for different customers. The platform also includes bookkeeping and record-keeping services, making it ideal for business owners seeking thorough statistics on invoicing and other financial parameters.


Invoice 2 go

Invoices sent electronically risk being lost amongst your clients’ other mail. Thanks to Invoice2go, you can send invoices from your preferred messaging app on your mobile device, increasing both your visibility and the speed with which you get paid. Making an invoice on the go with iOS or Android app is as easy as filling out a few fields. The bill may then be sent through email, SMS, or any of your preferred mobile messaging apps including Slack, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, or Facebook Messenger. You may send an email to your client with a link to the Invoice2go site included, where they can access their invoice and make a payment.



Creating paper invoices by hand is a laborious process that should be avoided wherever possible. Invoicely, which is one of the finest applications for generating invoices, may help you avoid getting into problems. You are able to keep track of billable hours as well as costs with only a few clicks of the mouse. The instrument may be utilised with a minimum of fuss. You have the ability to personalize the invoice by using the colour scheme tool, as well as adding your company logo, stamps, and other elements.



Among these, PayPal stands out as the clear victor. The other apps on this list can’t compare to it in terms of popularity or effectiveness. The app’s primary function is online invoicing. By storing their credit card information, clients may quickly and simply pay any bills or invoices that are due. The software notifies you everytime a transaction is done and maintains track of all your previous transactions for further security. Customers receive invoices in their inboxes, where they may see and pay the bills in a convenient online environment.



The accounting software known as Xero offers a multitude of benefits to those who use it, including bookkeepers and accountants. In addition, software developers, educators, small company owners, and investors may all benefit from using it. Their primary objective is to ensure the success of local companies by delivering a comprehensive range of advantages to their clients.


Bill is a cloud-based financial management programme. Software automates invoicing, payments, and bookkeeping. connects with QuickBooks and Xero to centralise financial data. simplifies the billing procedure. The programme can automatically transmit and track payments and outstanding bills. This saves businesses time and ensures timely invoice payment.



The most effective billing software is the one that minimizes the time spent on each step. Since you won’t get compensated for your time spent creating and sending invoices, you should look for an app that minimizes this process. Experiment with several approaches to find the one that leaves you with the most time and energy to devote to the tasks that truly matter.