Bootstrap Checkboxes

Your online forms may incorporate checkboxes more easily if you utilize the built-in classes that come along with the Bootstrap framework. When those classes are used, the checkbox will automatically take on the style of the default.


You may add a Bootstrap checkbox to a form independently, just as you would with regular HTML forms. Additionally, you can include this in textboxes to provide functionality such as the ability to activate or disable a textbox.

Badgebox: CSS only checkbox badge!

A magnificent and colorful checkbox set that may be used for whatever you can dream up. They’re available in a variety of colors and patterns to match any mobile device’s theme. There are numerous options for the user to choose from; it’s up to the user to decide how many they need.


Bootstrap 4 News information modal with custom checkbox

This Bootstrap checkbox snippet will allow the user to pick their preferred sport(s). Before we go any further, you don’t have to limit yourself to just these three sports while using the design. Despite the fact that the design is CLEAN and SIMPLE, it does have one unique feature. Animated checkboxes enhance the user experience.


Bootstrap Checkbox Button

If you’re a fan of animation, this is a great way to keep your purchase confirmation from seeming drab. When you choose a button, it turns yellow. Both options are available to you. Additionally, you may customize and modify the app as you see fit. To put it another way, you may either use the snippet as-is or customize it further.


Checkbox/Radio – CSS Only

Bootstrap’s responsive checkbox widget works flawlessly on every device, regardless of screen size. It has a framed appearance, making it easy to see by the end user. Additionally, it allows you to pick one thing, two, or all three. Lastly, a SIMPLE checkbox is shown when the option has been selected.


Bootstrap Checkbox List

Use one of our Bootstrap solutions to add checkboxes to your application instead of starting over. There’s something for everyone with them, since they come in a variety of styles and designs, both animated and not.


Bootstrap 4 Custom Animated Checkbox With Ripple Effect

Using this free toggle switch snippet, you may accomplish a wide range of tasks. You may use it as a checkbox to toggle various settings and configurations in your application. When the switch is turned on, it glows pink and emits a pleasant animation. Furthermore, you have complete freedom to alter any aspect of the design (such as the colour scheme).


Bootstrap V4 Simple Checkbox with Animation – No Js

The same Bootstrap-based toggle switch snippet as the one before, except this one has text in the switch instead. Depending on whether or not you choose or deselect the control, it either turns on or off. When you pick it up, it emits an animation and changes colour.


Checkbox and Radio Styling with Bootstrap

Tracking your to-do list and crossing tasks off when they’re completed can help you achieve more in a day than if you don’t do so. With only a border, a tick, and a strikethrough for chosen items, this free to-do list checkbox template keeps things simple.


Bootstrap 4 Custom Checkbox With Whole Width

Among this collection of Bootstrap checkbox templates, you should not miss this one if you are seeking for something unique. There is no right or wrong answer. Having a clear understanding of what you can and can’t do is essential.


Bootstrap Checkbox with Custom Icon

Despite the fact that it seems bolder, this free snippet is quite similar to Checkbox . Instead of circular checkboxes, square ones are used in this app’s design instead. The best part is that both of the Bootstrap checkboxes are free, allowing you to try them both out before deciding on which one to use.


Bootstrap 4 folder list with checkbox and transform effect

Using this Bootstrap 4 custom checkbox snippet, you have complete control over how the checkmarks are displayed. You can, for example, deactivate some, label some as disabled and checked, or any other combination of these options. Additional MULTI-SELECTION options are also available for your convenience.


Fancy Bootstrap Checkboxes

Checkboxes come in many shapes and sizes, from square to circular. This one, on the other hand, has a clean, uncluttered look and works well with a variety of other programmes and websites. Hovering over the checkboxes activates a special effect that allows you to designate them as disabled or disabled and checked at the same time.


Bootstrap 4 Button Checkbox

A Bootstrap-based checkbox list that may be used in a variety of apps, projects, and websites. When using the default settings, you’ll be able to get a gorgeous, eye-catching purple hue.


Checkboxes and Removable Labels

Bootstrap’s checkbox demonstrates that it’s possible to combine simplicity with special effects without sacrificing either. When a checkbox is selected, it changes to a tick, and vice versa, making this widget unique. As a further option, you may either deactivate or make ticked boxes disabled.


Animated radios & checkboxes

For those of you who like a plainer aesthetic, the free snippet Checkbox is a great choice. Checkboxes have rounded corners and a hover effect. Activating or skipping the disabled and checked settings is also an option.



If you use the Bootstrap framework’s built-in classes, you can quickly include checkboxes into your web forms. The checkbox will automatically adopt the default style if those classes are utilized. Just as with conventional HTML forms, you can add a Bootstrap checkbox to a form separately.