Bootstrap Forms

These days, it’s hard to find a website without some sort of web form. Websites require a method for users to enter information, and forms are the most efficient way to achieve this for anything from login and signup pages to orders and contact pages.

Bootstrap CSS is a great tool if you want to build your own form from the ground up. When using this framework, mobile users will have an easier time navigating your site because responsive design is a top priority. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important, accounting for 50% of all website traffic.


Luckily, you won’t have to start from scratch when creating your form, as many developers have created free, publicly available form templates for a wide variety of forms. We’ve gathered over 30 of our best Bootstrap web forms to help you design a functional one. Alright, let’s get this party started.

Bootstrap 5 Contact Form Section Component

Publish a brief web-based form for visitors to fill out in order to get in touch with the site’s administrators. Anyone who visits the site can fill out the form and send it off to the proprietor. The submission of your contact form will automatically result in an email being drafted and sent to your inbox.


Registration Form (Bootstrap 5 Validation)

There are typically more than 2 text fields on a registration form. User data such as name, email, address, cellphone number, picture, etc. can be collected in the registration form. Nonetheless, it is not a good idea to ask for everything at once. Too many fields on the registration form will frustrate users, who will therefore likely not return to your site.


Bootstrap 4 Request A Demo Form With Validation

Quotes may be requested by site visitors through the use of this simple form that is also optimised for mobile devices. They are kept interested in the process by a progress bar that is displayed at the top of the page; as a result, more people actually complete the activity.


Bootstrap 4 Payment Form With Three Transfer Options

Online data collection forms are widely utilised. Web forms are a great way for you to collect data from your website users. A form’s standard components are text boxes and a “submit” button. However, text fields and other forms of input are possible. Radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, etc. are all examples of form fields.


Password Strength Validator Ui (Bootstrap Based)

Users are able to change their passwords using this template. After missing their password, the last thing consumers want to do is fill out superfluous information, which is why this form just contains one input and one button.


Bootstrap 4 Payment Form With Three Different Payment Options

A payment form template is a specific kind of payment form that is utilized by online retailers in order to authorise payments from clients using the credit cards that have been provided.


Bootstrap 4 Modal Dialog Form-Wizard With Arrows Transitions

It also provides a number of multi-step forms that you may use for account creation, checkout, or registration. This one walks you through the steps of creating an account and is able to maintain its polished appearance while being compatible with mobile devices.


Bootstrap 4 Payment Form With Input Mask

This form features a wide variety of field types. Some of the fields require a value, while others only accept text. As an alternative to typing, a drop-down menu is also available. The user may make a selection from a menu, and that choice will then show in the text box.


Bootstrap 4 Simple Contact Form

The fewer fields there are in your user contact form, the higher the percentage of people who will actually fill it out. This template for an extremely simple form has just four different fields to choose from, and its structure is so condensed that it can conveniently be placed in the sidebar of any website.


Bootstrap 4 Form Wizard Using Jquery Steps

The bootstrap wizard makes it easy to condense the layout of a lengthy online form into a more manageable one. The bootstrap wizard is a powerful tool for creating minimal, lightweight, and user-friendly online applications. For the development of a bootstrap wizard, both Bootstrap and JQuery are required.


Bootstrap Credit Card Form

You may use the previous template in conjunction with this one to take both addresses and money. The toggle button that is located at the very top of the page and allows consumers to select their preferred mode of payment is another feature that we appreciate.


Bootstrap 5 Mobile Phone Verification Form Using Otp

The HTML, CSS, and JS that went into making this Bootstrap 5 Mobile Phone Verification Form make it seem really sharp and professional.


Bootstrap 4 Multi Step Survey Form

The purpose of a multi-step form is to make filling out a lengthy form more manageable for site users by breaking it up into more manageable chunks. After the user has entered their name and email address in the required forms, the optional fields will display.


Bootstrap 4 Request Quotation Form Wizard With Validation

A wizard control is the solitary component of the wizard form, a minimalist form with a single purpose. For all intents and purposes, the wizard control is the wizard. There are numerous pages in each wizard control, and each page only has room for one subform.


Subscription Form

A subscription form is a form that may be found on any page of a website or blog, and when filled out, allows visitors to sign up for email updates on the site’s focus or a certain category. The subscription form’s principal function is to gain opt-in members for your mailing list.


Bootstrap 5 Doctors Appointment Form

One type of appointment request form is known as a request an appointment form. This type of form is a general appointment request form, and the majority of medical practices use it to request that new patients arrange an appointment with a medical practitioner.


Bootstrap 4 Newsletter Form With Background-Image

This form’s labels come to life with some nifty animations when the form is submitted. If you want to go above and above with the design of your form, you should give it a shot.


Bootstrap 4 Credit Card Payment Form With 4 Different Options

A credit card authorization form is a document that, once signed by a cardholder, gives a retailer permission to charge the cardholder’s credit card for recurring payments throughout a period of time that is specified in the document. This authority is granted for as long as the document is valid.


Fancy Form

Although the bright blue colour may be overwhelming for certain users, this layout is yet another excellent option for a modal or pop-up window.


Contact Form

This popular snippet from CodePen offers all of the forms that your contact form will require to capture visitor information while also verifying user input to ensure that it is in the appropriate format before it is submitted.



Every website has to be built with responsive design in mind from the beginning to accommodate mobile users alongside desktop visitors.

The Bootstrap framework makes it easy for you, the developer, to create mobile-friendly sites. With the correct form, you won’t have to stress over aesthetics so much and can instead focus on getting signups, submissions, and conversions.