How to Convert Bootstrap Pills (Tabs) Into a Dropdown Menu

A good number of extensions for Bootstrap 4 have been covered up to this point. In today’s tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to change Bootstrap tabs into dropdown menus so that you may better organize your content.

The most important thing is that we will keep all of these components in time with one another. We will utilize a dropdown for the structure of the mobile displays, whereas pharmaceuticals will be used for the desktop. Please take note that I will be utilizing the most recent stable version of Bootstrap 4 for this training (v4.6). As soon as v5 is stable, I’m going to look into this topic again and see if I can come up with a solution that works for this model as well.

To view how the associated tab panel appears, click on a drop-down item. Make sure to check out the demo in full-screen mode. You’ll see that the dropdown is replaced with pills, but the active panel isn’t affected.

Bootstrap tabs allow us to divide information into many parts that exist beneath a single parent. Only one of these portions is ever visible at a time. There is a similarity to browser tabs, however you don’t have to change the page if you want to see all tabs.