Bootstrap Tabs with Icons

These days tabs have become a typical design element on many websites. Using tabs, you may get various perspectives on the same information. A single-page app, or even one that can display numerous topics at once, is great for employing them.

To put it another way, the content is separated into multiple panels, each of which may be seen independently. In rare circumstances, you’ll have to click or hover your cursor over an item in a tab to see its content. They have the power to dramatically increase the quality of your website, so they are well worth the cost. The Bootstrap tab code in this article will aid you in establishing an appropriate tab for your website.

Bootstrap Tabs

You may achieve this by adding styles to tab-pane. Let’s add a style class to div with style class “tab-content” call “my-tab.” This new style class will overwrite the default class attributes. Now you can add the following line of code to CSS.

Navigation accessible in Bootstrap share common markup and styles, from the base . nav class to the active and disabled modes. Swap modifier classes to swap between each style.