CSS Blob Animations

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Liquid Progress Bar

A large number of widgets are available in Flutter to help you create an attractive user interface. In this example, we’ve utilized one of the packages that makes it extremely simple to create animated liquid wave progress indicators with very little code, as shown below. You may create progress indicators for your app that are both circular and linear in nature.


Pure CSS Blob Animation

This SVG blob mask is one of the greatest ideas for you if you are concerned about finding a solution for your site to attract many visitors. This blob effect, created by Mark only a year ago, stands out in a sea of similar effects. The blob effect in the center has its own distinct picture to be laid out on the background of blue, purple, and pink. As soon as you see it, you’ll be drawn in by the constantly shifting circles. Rather than risk missing out on the spectacular effects this effect has to offer, why not install it right now?


CSS Blob Checkbox

Your website will have a fresh new look thanks to this eye-catching blob effect. This Animated Blob Cursor was created by Mark and features a black backdrop. Users’ mice will be tied to a rotating circle that can change colors as they navigate around your site when they first visit it. When the user’s mouse moves over the site’s text, the color changes. A gorgeous creative’s frontend may be installed by site owners to replace their default frontend and instantly improve its appearance.


Circle Blob Hover

This Blob Effect – Color Change on Hover is a one-of-a-kind design that may help keep your visitors on your site longer. Blob effect example designed by Alinia Mabatid for the objective of eliciting more positive emotions in users. The blob effect is seen in pink on a white backdrop. In addition, certain popular app icons have been added for ease of usage by consumers. Discoloration is also an innovative method for drawing the eye of visitors to your website. This type of blob effect is sure to be a popular choice for your website.


Rolling Blob

You can count on this blob effect sample to never let you down with its innovative animation and striking visuals. This blob effect has a gigantic form that practically covers the entire background when it is initially seen by viewers. The site’s focal point is a brightly coloured ellipse. This figurine, on the other hand, spins and changes colour constantly. The secret to making visitors feel great and pique their interest is to do this. Your site will be boosted to a higher level as a consequence.



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