CSS Challenges and Solutions

HTML and CSS form the backbone of modern web development. HTML determines how a web page is organized, whereas CSS defines its style. While both languages are reasonably straightforward to learn, after you know the basics, you’ll still need to polish your abilities with practice. Code challenges are a terrific method to strengthen your programming abilities and combine them in new ways.


Here are CSS Challenges and Solutions that’ll help you take your abilities to the next level. To get started, just choose a challenge, open up a workspace, and start coding. Note that while these challenges are aimed for novices, you’ll still need to have a basic grasp of HTML and CSS.

100 CSS Challenge

Matthias Martin devised a series of 100 CSS tasks to complete in 100 days. They are all there for you to view, including submissions from other participants — but the goal is for you to participate in the contest yourself, naturally.


Laura Pinto

Our friend Kushagra Agarwal and we launched CSSBattle, the first ever code-golfing platform for CSS enthusiasts. To win this game, all you have to do is find the shortest feasible CSS (and perhaps some HTML, if you choose) code to recreate a picture.


Anna Hojdeczko

CSSBattle is a great task if you’re looking for a way to replicate a design in the smallest amount of code feasible. Writing as succinctly as possible is known as “Code Golf,” and there is even a challenge site dedicated to it..



It is the job of CSS developers to ensure that a finished and attractive website is sent to the visitor’s browser on the Internet. In the contemporary web development stack, CSS is frequently not regarded an equivalent to HTML. CSS might be taken for granted or even neglected because of this misunderstanding.


Fabian Kuriata

In case you’re seeking for a solution to copy a design with as little code as possible, CSSBattle is a perfect assignment for you. “Code Golf” is the practice of writing as concisely as possible, and there is even a challenge website dedicated to it.



We have discussed about CSS Challenges and Solutions in this post. Modern web development relies heavily on HTML and CSS. CSS, on the other hand, specifies the aesthetic appearance of a web page. Both languages are quite simple to learn, but when you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’ll still want to put in the work to improve your skills.