CSS Glitch Effects Examples

Occasionally, a fantastic glitchy, warped effect is the ideal complement to your website design. Perhaps you’re building a technology website, a developer’s portfolio, or something totally unique. Distortion effects are an unusual but intriguing method to capture visitors’ attention with an eye-catching animation. Today, we’ve gathered several css glitch effects for you to use and enjoy.

They’re all free to use or study as a learning aid, and include anything from text and picture glitch effects to hover distortions and trippy backdrop animations. Whatever you’re looking for, one of these effects will provide you with inspiration.

Text Glitch Effect

css glitch effects

This stunning and distinctive text glitch effect will capture the interest of a large number of readers. It inspire them to stay on your website for an extended period of time.

Your text will be displayed in an exceptionally eye-catching and visible manner with this glitch effect. The text is 60px in size and blue, which is sufficient to draw the viewer’s attention. They will be unable to divert their gaze away from the numerous rectangles of various hues. They infuse your content with life and vitality. Viewers may experience pleasant and intense emotions.

Utilize this amazing css glitch effects to capitalize on its incredible beauty and attraction.



This glitching effect is often regarded as one of the best for writing. It aids in the presentation of content on your website in a more optimum and professional manner.

With this glitch effect, the text will be incredibly eye-catching and beautiful. More precisely, when readers examine your content, they will be startled to discover that the bug changes the original text to another word, such as hello to assist. This not only stimulates their imagination, but also leaves them in awe of the text’s innovative presentation.

Allow this effect to leave a lasting impact on your clients by obtaining it immediately.


Clean CSS Glitch 

This sleek css glitch effects is certain to delight both you and your clients. It will improve the readability of your writing.

The 96px size ensures that the text is easily seen and stands out on your page. Your material will be presented rationally and elegantly through the use of highly subdued typeface. This typeface is characterised by slender lines and a pure white hue. Viewers will undoubtedly feel at ease whilst viewing. The glitch, coupled with the outlines, is the effect’s focal point. As a result, the wording is unique and visually appealing.

Give this css glitch effects a try to display your text beautifully.


Glitch Effect In LESS 

css glitch effects

Your website’s text may be the first thing a visitor notices when they arrive. As a result, it is strongly advised that you obtain an incredible text impact. This glitching effect is both appealing and amazing.

With these kind of effects, your text will appear incredibly logical and visible. The text is written in an easy-to-read typeface and is big in size. As a result, readers will find it quite beneficial and pleasant to read the text’s content. Additionally, the glitch effect is rather subtle and eye-catching. It will just have a little issue around the letter.

Instantly test this glitch effect to discover how awesome it is.


Glitched Text 

If you’re looking for a way to make the text on your website more distinctive, this glitched text effect is a must-have. It distinguishes and enlivens the text.

Your words will take precedence over all other white. Additionally, there will be tiny lines in bright pink and green to emphasise the words. It has a little ghostly and scary appearance due to the glitched dark backdrop and the transition altering the form of the letters. This transition will add to the length of the text. The text line will be angled from somewhat angled to extremely angled, to the point where it will be hard to read the word.

This text effect will undoubtedly captivate a large number of people due to its innovative design. 


 VHS Text 

css glitch effects

This amazing glitch effect is ideal for the text on your website. This one, dubbed VHS text, will elevate your website to the next level with its contemporary elegance.

When you apply this effect to your text, it enables you to present it in the most elegant and sophisticated manner possible. With purple as the primary hue, the writing is enigmatic and mystical. The errors, in particular, are remarkable. The typeface, in particular, is simple to read.

Allow this glitch effect to make your text more effective and attractive.


Glitch Hover Effect CSS

If your text need a distinctive effect to enhance its appeal, this glitch hovers effect is an excellent choice. It not only enhances the readability of your writing, but also communicates your originality.

From the start, your text will be displayed in its entirety. Viewers will be able to fully appreciate the text’s original look and substance. The effect will occur as soon as they hover over the words, surprising and delighting them. Along with the original white line, two other similar lines will appear, this time in pink and blue. They add interest by glitching around the white lettering.

This css glitch effects can help you to captivate people due to it’s attractive design.


Text with Glitches (SCSS)

A glitch effect is an excellent method to draw attention to your content. This glitching effect is really beautiful and unique.

When you apply this effect, the reader will be pleased since it enhances the visual appeal and coolness of your writing. Beautiful and easy-to-read typography is what makes viewers feel at ease. Additionally, this glitch effect is conveyed discreetly and deftly, captivating and entertaining viewers.

Allow this glitch effect to create a lasting impact on the visitors to your website by installing it immediately.


Psycho Glitch

css glitch effects

If you’re looking for a fantastic effect to add to the text on your website, you won’t want to miss this one. It’s a psychological glitch effect that adds interest to your content.

When this stunning effect is used, the words will take on an unusual appearance. As a result, viewers will be intrigued and attracted by the text. The text’s glitch is really attractive, subtle, and stunning. It enhances the text’s attractiveness and elevates its look.

With this psycho glitch effect, you must have a significant number of consumers who are motivated and engaged with your website. 


Simple Text Glitch

A visually appealing and innovative text effect has the potential to become a strong tool for attracting visitors to your website. This straightforward text error is an excellent illustration of it. It has several benefits.

Your text will undergo some highly fluid transitions between types. The changeover was seamless, which piqued spectators’ attention and excitement. Your text’s font and appearance will change as it transitions from uppercase to lowercase. There will be a straight line as a highlight to draw attention to the text. This will capture your visitor’s attention and wow them.

Acquire this effect to take advantage of its numerous benefits.



In this article we have gathered a list of 10 css glitch effects which you should know about. While the css glitch effects may add an element of distinct design to your site, it can also be rather distracting if used excessively. Glitch carefully!