CSS Header Examples and Styles Code

The header is a critical component of any website since it is frequently the first thing that visitors see when they arrive. To ensure that you do not overlook the thought and design of this important entrance door, here are ten outstanding css header examples. When creating or redesigning a website without the assistance of a graphic designer, it can be challenging to build each of the site’s many components without making a mistake. Are you certain you didn’t overlook something in the header? Have you considered including this minor touch that will make all the difference? Are you up to date on the newest web design trends?

To keep this piece interesting, it will not be a Prévert-style inventory of everything that is being done since it could be of interest. Rather than that, I’ll offer you a variety of the greatest examples  so that you may freely take inspiration from them. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of the ten finest css header examples for your website. All of these examples are freely available and were created using css, the world’s most popular framework. Enjoy!

Responsive Video Header with Gradient

Why is it reserved for the error page only? Because the image behind the header depicts someone who appears to be depressed. As a result, I believe the theme off the header should be comparable to the image. The header is centred on the page. As a result, it captures the customer’s attention. Additionally, the header includes a space for a quotation or a detailed description. The word is large enough for viewers to read.


Video Header Animation

Although the Video Header Animation is basic in design, it nevertheless charms viewers with its adorable animation. The design has a wide area for animated embellishment, which draws the customer’s attention. When utilising this design, users may place the video in the centre of the page on the tiny tablet. This template is surrounded by animations designed with a theme for displaying content related to photography, art, contemplation, and so forth. You may paste the video’s link on the tablet so that people can see it.


Video Header by Alex

This design provides a little area for the header bar to be placed. It is almost at the very top of the page. This template conceals the video behind an icon. It is only visible to viewers when they click on the symbol. It piques their interest prior to seeing the video. The main header does an excellent job of displaying a page’s apps to visitors. You may download this template if you’re interested in learning more about it.


Top Sliding Nav by Chris gruber

This template enables users to include a link in the header, which directs readers to the target content when they click on the section. Additionally, the header is really well-designed. While the reader scrolls down the screen to continue reading, the header bar remains at the top of the screen. As a result, readers will have no difficulty following the article’s parts.


Sticky Header Visual Trick by Michael

This template’s primary header is significantly larger than the sticky header. When users scroll down, they will see the difference. Additionally, there should be more space between the main header and the text. The page should be lengthy enough so the main header is visible when scrolled all the way down. As a result, readers may still click on the header bar since it remains stationary on the page regardless of how far down the page is scrolled.


Sticky Header CSS Transition

As a result of this design, users have many options for creating a page with a distinctive header. Additionally, the header is made in a very straightforward manner. The box’s blue backdrop appears to be extremely harmonious. Because the content below is white on a white backdrop, the blue header helps to soften the piece. Additionally, the header has a translucent backdrop. The header bar progressively disappears as visitors scroll down to view the text.


Responsive sticky header navigation

This Responsive sticky header design enables you to include a link in the header, which will direct readers to the target content when they click on the section. The illustration incorporates the primary header and four sub-headings. Each of these headings corresponds to a section of the text. When the reader scrolls down to the bottom of the screen to continue reading, the header bar remains at the top of the screen. As a result, readers will have no difficulty following the article’s parts.


React Video Header

The main header does an excellent job of displaying a page’s apps to visitors. The title of the page is located beneath the header. I propose that you select a short title since the broad front of the word will be covered by this header. Both headers vanish as viewers scroll down. It reserves the space below for the content.


Fixed Header

Orange-pink hue on the header box draws readers’ attention to the header due to its brightening effect. Users are able to include headers in the box. However, I propose that you compose a brief header. Because the brief heading will acclimate the reader to reading. When readers scroll down for further information, the header bar disappears to make place for the text.


Scroll Header

The broad box contains the header. Thus, the author may create lengthy titles without fear of running out of space. The header box is located at the top of the screen. When the reader scrolls down to read more, though, the box shrinks in size but remains at the top. There is an intriguing fact that the colour of the header changes to three different shades as users scroll down.



With this post, we have shown how to construct a header in CSS. In this essay, we conclude that the header is a very vital and important element of any website layout. As we saw as the header is the major part that attracts any consumers and therefore the creation of the effective header is extremely vital. We have also shown how to construct a header using position property of CSS which supports values like sticky or fixed. In the conclusion, we have talked a responsive header for which we use media query for making header a responsive for which we can scale the header as to the size of the browser.