CSS HR Element Styles

To segregate content in HTML, all you have to do is specify a hr code by using the HR element. The hr element is now semantic and clearly demonstrates its function thanks to HTML5.


CSS3 allows you to customize the appearance of horizontal break-lines in a variety of ways. Breakers aren’t the sole purpose for horizontal lines in current web design. Animated hr lines, pseudo-elements, and letters may all be used to make your web design and content more visually appealing.

To help you get started, we’ve put up this collection of some of the top CSS HR Element Styles.

18 simple style for horizon rules

Websites for businesses and professionals, such as lawyers, can adopt this style. The CSS3 and HTML scripts are used to create all of the designs. So there’s no reason why this wouldn’t work on an already-existing website. Straight and dotted lines have been provided for you by the developer. Choose one and begin to work on it, based on your requirements. Admin dashboards and text editors will benefit greatly from lines like this.


Two line HR style

Titles, subheadings, and even nested components may all be shown inline thanks to the author’s generosity. Your website is a great place to put this idea into practise. In addition, the design’s basic, pure CSS implementation makes it easy for programmers to implement. This HTML hr CSS design may be adapted to suit your needs with a few code tweaks.


Style HR tag with CSS

You may apply whatever color and motion effects you like because the entire effect is developed utilizing the newest HTML and CSS3 script. This is only a starting point; the rest is up to your own imagination and design skills. Because of the effect’s smoothness and cleanliness in the default design, it should work seamlessly with any current website.


Pacman HR CSS style

Pacman hr CSS Style

This code snippet is perfect for anyone in need of an animated CSS HR design. This sample has both a straight-line and dotted-line design. The default design includes a basic loading motion that stretches the lines of the screen. When you scroll down the page, you may adjust the trigger action and have the lines animate.


HR style CSS

Another selection of horizontal line designs, this time from Some HR Styles. This set includes nine different sorts of horizontal lines designed by the set’s designer. You may utilise the most up-to-date colours and animation effects because these designs were created using HTML5 and CSS3. Using a gradient colour scheme for the horizontal line in the example is consistent with the developer’s style.



We have discussed about CSS HR Element Styles in this post. The HR element is all you need to use to separate material in HTML. HTML5 has improved the semantics of the hr element and made it easier to see what it does. Horizontal break-lines may now be styled in a number of ways thanks to CSS3.