CSS Star Ratings

Star rating may be found anywhere. It is a common rating scale that’s being employed by big marketplace sites. Star rating is a crucial indicator that shows others what most of the people think about a given product, an app or a movie in general.


A star rating comprises of stars with the quantity typically at a maximum of five. You allow your users rate an item using stars. One star signifies bad; five is great. By picking more than one star, all preceding stars should be filled.

Simple Star Rating

If you’re a business owner seeking for a really modern and professional design, then have a look at Elton Kamami’s design and discover what makes it unique. The author frequently employs a black backdrop with several characteristics that make it unique, including four spots bearing the phrase If the consumer clicks on the robot it will change into a blue plus sign (plus), a yellow circle (circle), a heart (heart), and a dancing robot. Bring it back to the store to always have a huge, professional-looking customer.


Pure CSS 5 Star Rating

Andrea Crawford’s Pure CSS 5-Star Rating is a must-have for online companies looking to boost their consumer base. With a white backdrop and a major content that is placed uniformly from top to bottom, three stars have become yellow in the five seated stars, below which are two stars one. The bottom five stars haven’t changed colour, but when consumers click on them, they turn yellow to demonstrate their interest in the shop. Bring it to your shop is a great alternative for any store owner looking to develop quickly.


Flat CSS3 Rating System

Renaud Tertrais designed the Flat CSS3 grading system to enable retailers successfully convey their customers’ sentiments and appreciation after a visit. The dark colour is the backdrop, and it is an appropriate colour for displaying the essential contents. The title line replaces the company’s name in the backdrop, and five stars with yellow borders surround it, turning white on the first click and yellow on the second. If your shop lacks a clean, professional appearance like this, now is the time to restore it and help it expand.


Pure CSS Star Rating

Pure CSS star ratings. Stars will glow on hover, and you may click on them to see them. Created form input fields for processing. In addition, the initial line is meant to look on a white backdrop. If you click on the stars to leave a comment, they will instantly become yellow, depending on the customer’s interest in the shop. Anyone who hesitates to see this expert design is a fool who should rush to the store to see the full effect.


Star Rating in Pure CSS

In the centre of the screen is a Rating Star with five black-bordered stars below, which are used by customers to rate the store. When a consumer clicks on a star, it turns white and the number of white stars corresponds to the level of customer satisfaction. Installing it immediately will allow the shop to demonstrate its commitment to providing excellent customer service.


Standalone SVG CSS only Star Rating Component

Stas Melnikov’s design will address this problem and boost the number of clients. Three white boxes grow in size from left to right with yellow stars within, and when the customer clicks it turns black, then releases the mouse and returns. Yellow for thanks. Missing this excellent design will be a major error, therefore make sure your store is constantly filled.



You’ve never considered employing a professional star-rating template made by Jordan-Simonds to help your shop grow? The author used a black background so that the yellow of the stars would stand out completely. There were two boxes at first, the top box had the words Star.css with five stars, the bottom box had five stars but also a little space for customers to leave a brief comment. This design is sure to be highly successful in the future, so bring it back to your business immediately.



Anywhere has a star rating. It is a typical rating scale used by large marketplace websites. A star rating tells others what most people think of a product, software, or movie. A star rating is composed of up to five stars. Your users can rate an item with stars.