Best Free Wireframe Tools For Designers in 2022

As a designer, your job requires you to constantly generate new concepts. Your thoughts never stop, whether when you’re eating, talking, smiling, driving, or sitting calmly.

A pencil and paper are always always at hand so that you may quickly sketch down your ideas whenever inspiration strikes. In the design world, your rough sketches for a website or mobile app are known as wireframes.

When designing digital products like mobile applications, landing pages, or websites, a wireframe is the first visual representation or sketch of your design idea. The intricate design is often simplified to a few standard forms. As soon as the designers settle on the wireframe’s fundamental structure, they may begin developing a high-fidelity prototype.


In order to improve their skills in designing wireframes, designers often seek for a specialised tool. We count on the greatest wireframe tools, but it is also expected that they will completely enhance your design and make any essential corrections here.

We’ve compiled a list of the best wireframing programmes to assist both professional and amateur designers make high-quality mockups. The rankings for these resources are based on the overall satisfaction ratings from actual users.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is easy to use despite the company’s reputation for complicated products. Despite being built to operate with other Adobe products, it’s one of the best-paid tools. Adobe XD simplifies wireframing. With easy-to-use tools for building site maps, flowcharts, and storyboards, it’s a designer favourite. Repeat grid, auto-animation, and voice triggers speed up design. Windows and macOS support it. Adobe membership required for full operation.



Wireframes may be easily made with Figma, which is a well-built product that serves as an all-around platform for UX and UI designers. Its basic plan is free, and it has one of the most robust platform options on this list. In addition to having unlimited cloud storage and two editors at any one time, it also has three current projects and a revision history that spans 30 days.



UXPin is a popular among interface designers and is often advised to wireframe beginners. UXPin’s broad feature set might be tough for beginner designers, but the work is worth it. With UXPin, you can start wireframes with a built-in collection of UI components. This higher-fidelity wireframe lets you fine-tune flow and functionality without replacing screen components.



Axure is a tool for creating wireframes that does not need the user to write any code. It is one of the greatest wireframe programmes available, and it enables dynamic material so that hover functionalities may be provided if they are present. This tool allows you to easily develop wireframes and diagrams for your projects.



It’s a basic online wireframe tool that works on both Mac and Windows. Balsamiq wireframes, like those created by other wireframing programmes, are straightforward yet very efficient. It’s the visual equivalent of the proverbial “idea on the napkin.” It relies heavily on drag-and-drop functionality. However, the drag-and-drop panel’s pre-built widgets and the designer’s choices for customising them make the interface straightforward. In addition, several designs for desktop applications, mobile applications, and websites are provided as samples, along with numerous wireframe skins.



Web designers working in the present day might benefit from using sketches. Utilizing this tool will allow you to maintain your concentration while developing any product. It is one of the finest wireframe tools for beginners and it offers a cloud workspace that enables rapid access to the designs that you have created, making it one of the top tools overall.



WireframeCc is a free wireframing solution that works in your browser and is ideal for designers who are always on the move. It is a straightforward and straightforward tool that is less sophisticated than others, and it is accessible from anywhere through a browser. Users are able to construct a thorough wireframe at a time while using the free version, which also includes options for customising the grid layout, font, and canvas size, among other features.



Adobe InDesign is the layout and page design programme that is currently considered to be the industry standard for both print and digital media. Create stunning graphic designs with pictures from Adobe Stock together with typography from some of the best foundries in the world. PDF files allow for the easy sharing of material and comments. Utilizing Adobe Experience Manager makes production management a breeze. InDesign provides all of the tools that are need to make and publish books, digital magazines, eBooks, posters, interactive PDFs, and many other types of digital content.



Without having to invest in physical prototypes, designers may define their product ideas and workflows with the assistance of wireframing tools. App faults and difficulties with the user experience may be found quickly and simply by designers using this method. Prior to the launch, assist in explaining it to important organisational stakeholders, and share it with them.