HTML Table Sort In JavaScript & CSS

Create a method that sorts an HTML table by a column that is supplied as a parameter using the Javascript code Sort an HTML Table by Column Using Javascript.


A 2D Javascript array containing the table cells’ innerHTML is the first step. Then, sort the data set. Put the array values back into the innerHTML of the HTML table at the 2d Javascript array’s appropriate positions by using the reverse technique.

Interactive Tables and Data Grids for JavaScript

An HTML table may be sorted in ascending or descending order by using a table sort feature, which is a standard data management tool. If you have an HTML table and want to sort data by user name, age, and email address, you’ll need a table sorting plugin.

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A Small Tablesorter in Plain JavaScript

The Table Sortable jQuery plugin allows you to create a dynamic data table from JSON or JavaScript objects that can be customized and has features such as pagination, live filtering, and data sorting.

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Bootstrap Table

Fast, client-side sorting, pagination, and live searching are just some of the features of the fancyTable jQuery plugin. In order to sort and search/filter table rows depending on search terms, an easy-to-use jQuery plugin for HTML tables with plenty of data has been developed.

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Vanilla JavaScript Table Sort

Sortable is a lightweight, pure-JS table sorting library. Any table with the sortable class may now be sorted. That is, the user may alter the sorting of the table rows by clicking on a table header. It’s as simple as adding the JavaScript.

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React Table

The rows and columns of a table serve as a framework for arranging data. A structured database can be used to store and present data. Datagrids made using React’s react-table may be easily customised and extended using JSX, templates, state, styles and callbacks.

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Vanilla JS Sortable Table

You can sort any table with the “sortable” class if you use this little JS table sorter. Table headers may be clicked to adjust row sorting in a table. Sortable.js, a JavaScript library, allows you to sort any HTML table, static or dynamic. Fast and simple to put into practice.

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Create a Javascript method that sorts an HTML table by a parameter column. Javascript Sort an HTML Table by Column. The first phase is a 2D Javascript array with table cell innerHTML. Next, sort the data. Reverse the array values into the HTML table’s innerHTML at the 2d Javascript array’s places.