HTML5 Canvas Animation Background

Designers and developers already know how crucial backgrounds are to the overall look and feel of a website. Animation has become more popular as a means of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of website backgrounds.


Hover navigation elements, site introductions, and other innovative uses for animated backgrounds can all benefit from their eye-catching appeal. So, if you’re in need of some site backdrop inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best¬†HTML5 Canvas Animation Background for your viewing pleasure.

Particles & Nodes Canvas

A particle animation is shown here. It can be built without JavaScript. A random movement of particles is the primary goal of this background. A vignette effect is created via the mank-image attribute.


Dynamic Point Mesh Animation with HTML5 Canvas

The finest html5 animation background is created by combining colour, position lines, and opacity. The 3d animation in this fluid animation is striking. The example clearly demonstrates the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. As a result, the user will have no trouble incorporating this example into their own work.



Codepen has a canvas of particle animations. I like the randomness of the nodes and how they connect to one other. A mouse click is all it takes to add a new node. Color, nodes, and connections combine to make this animation both beautiful and seamless. Despite the fact that a large number of nodes may slow down the overall system.


Particles Random Animation in Canvas

The addition of a backdrop image beneath the particles in this case adds visual interest. In the backdrop, the link moves and joins. By just clicking the mouse, the user can add a new node to the graph.


Matrix Rain Animation using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript

This is the most basic method. No matter how hard you try, it just has a few particles that don’t move in three dimensions or respond to your touch. This is an example of a canvas that may be customised. If you want a plain background instead of a complicated look, this animated canvas is not for you.


Three.js CanvasRenderer & CSS Gradient Background

Billimarie Lubiano Robinson is the artist behind this pen. When the mouse is hovered over this canvas, the zoom effect is activated. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are all visible in the HTML body. This example is easy to incorporate into your project due of its simple syntax.


Multiple Circle Animation using HTML5 Canvas

Particle animation can be seen in several places throughout this project. You have the option of changing the settings and updating them on the live screen at the same time. The project’s documentation is clear and concise.


Glowing Nodes

It’s a three-dimensional effect that appears simple because of the lines and nodes linking them. It is possible to change the values of the attributes of an element such as its height, width and colour. If you look at the mouse pointer in a circle, you’ll notice the particle.



Web page interactivity and entertainment have greatly benefited from the use of animation. Even the most basic of animations can improve the user’s overall experience. Many sources and forms of animation can be found. In the past few years, new technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript have disrupted the animation industry. You also get the added benefit of not needing Flash. Creating an animated wallpaper or canvas does not necessitate creating a sophisticated animation. Small elements can be combined to make larger ones, which is how the best designs are made. We hope you liked our collection of HTML5 Canvas Animation Background.