Interesting Websites To Look At When Bored

The Internet is an excellent way to pass the time. It has a veritable treasure mine of interesting websites that may be used to pass the time when desired. Despite this, individuals continue to spend the majority of their time on popular websites watching cat videos. You may transform into an adventurer from the comfort of your armchair if you choose to discover the treasures buried inside the internet world.

Your boredom has come to an end. The websites listed below are some of the trendiest places to visit when you’re in need of some internet caffeine. Whether you’re looking to pass the time or are in the mood to laugh, learn, or be inspired, this collection of interesting websites will do the trick. Add them to your bookmarks and check back frequently for new information.

Little Alchemy 2

This one is a pleasant little diversion. As the website’s title implies, it is concerned with the change that occurs when disparate elements are combined. You begin with the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The objective is to generate as many unique materials and objects as possible. For instance, the soil and the air will combine to produce dust. There are no rules; simply combine your creations to form new ones. You will have no idea where your time has gone.


Patatap Interesting Websites

Patatap is an interactive website that uses sound and movement to respond to the keys on your keyboard. Consider pounding in full phrases — the result is an explosion of sound, colour, and movement! Once you begin typing random paragraphs, the experience becomes almost mesmerising .A pleasurable method to unwind and relax.


Silk Interesting Websites

Do you enjoy drawing? That is, you do not have to be an exceptional artist to produce an excellent interactive drawing. The fact is that enables you to produce such an incredible work of art with a few simple mouse clicks and motions. Once you’re through creating the artwork, you may share it or download it to your smartphone. Trust me when I say that Silk is a true time-sucker. No matter how inept you are at sketching, the end image is abstract and beautiful. 



Vsauce is a massively popular and profitable YouTube channel (with numerous spinoffs) with over 15 million members. The videos are mostly educational in nature, with channel founder Michael Stevens educating viewers on a variety of fascinating subjects, eerily like a modern-day Bill Nye the Science Guy. You may browse and view videos from all of Vsauce’s channels on the Vsauce website.


Mental Floss

Interesting Websites

Mental Floss will provide you with the impression that you actually learnt something during the time you spent surfing the web. The site, which bills itself as “the encyclopaedia of everything,” features articles on some of life’s most intriguing topics. Mental Floss allows you to read articles, browse lists, watch videos, take quizzes, and even polish up on some clever facts ranging from science to pop culture. Therefore, go ahead and broaden your horizons with this one!



Are you a fan of discovering the finest and most popular GIFs from across the world? GIPHY is the only website you should visit on a daily basis. You’re going to appreciate how regularly individuals update material, and how simply you can download a GIF to your PC. If you like to distribute it elsewhere, you may also copy the URL.

GIPHY is one of the greatest destinations on the internet for everyone who like GIFs with clear taglines and vibrant insides. It’s entirely free, and the website also has stickers and animated GIFs from various artists. It’s the ultimate repository for GIF collections.


Pixel Thoughts Interesting Websites

Are you completely stressed out as a result of a terrible day at work or is anything else bothering you? Pixel Thoughts, the website, can provide the finest experience by guiding you through a 60-second meditation session. The session appears to be fairly straightforward yet successful, owing to the utilization of excellent musical scores and outstanding imagery.

In a short period of time, Pixel Thoughts may demonstrate the insignificance of your problems and how to resolve them. This interesting websites, a particular favorite of mine, is a treasure that you should add to your collection of fascinating and valuable resources. To relieve tension, visit these amusing websites!


A Good Movie To Watch

Interesting Websites

We are all aware of how tough it can be to locate a decent film to watch. It occurs to me frequently, and I always end myself viewing the same few films repeatedly. This website is a godsend to those like myself. They feature a well chosen selection of films that you may browse by genre, mood, or simply randomly. The nicest aspect about this website is that it spotlights films that, for one reason or another, did not appeal to the mainstream media but are nevertheless worth watching.



If you enjoy web comics, you should certainly pay a visit to, also known as Cyanide and Happiness. Each day, new comics will be added, but there is already a sizable collection of comics that have not been checked out. Explosm is notable for its use of dark humor and a manner of presentation that is unseen.

If you’re not into ready-to-laugh comics but enjoy thinking about them, Explosm is an intriguing way to pass the time. The website is also extremely popular on social media, if you’re interested in routinely following them.


A Soft Murmur

Interesting Websites

Not only is A Soft Murmur an intriguing website to visit, but it is also a very productive one. If you have headphones, you can utilize the website to generate some fantastic and productive ambient noise. Utilizing the web is simple, provided you are aware of what works for you. You may build the ideal blend of ambient noises by selecting from options such as Thunder, Fire, Singing Bowl, and White Noise. 



CoolThings is a categorized selection of interesting items. From entertainment to electronics to toys and innovations, you’re sure to find something of interest here.

There is even a section dedicated to truly unique gifts, divided into categories for men and women. It’s updated daily, so check back in from time to time for your daily dose of really cool stuff!



Online browsing is one of the finest methods to pass the time and avoid boredom. This list of 11 interesting websites to visit in 2021 includes some of the best websites around. Some may make you laugh, while others will pique your curiosity in a wide variety of subjects, including science and history. And, if it’s a connection you’re after, we’ve got the websites for you to visit daily. 

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