JavaScript Calendar Examples

You may construct your own calendars with the help of gadgets that allow you to adjust the layout of the calendar. To develop websites, web designers, programmers, and website owners use HTML layouts. Different features like calendars can also be added to websites.


It’s possible to create a calendar of events for your website using this method. Realistic calendar user interface design is a lot of work. It’s OK to look at some samples and see what’s out there to get a sense of the differences between web calendars and those for mobile devices.

In this post, we’ll show you the greatest JavaScript/JS calendar examples, some of which use the FullCalendar plugin.

TOAST UI Calendar

This is a calendar that is only intended to be used for one month. If necessary, you might include navigation arrows in this area to allow users to swipe between the months. You have the option to select up to two days at once. You may also go back and undo your changes by clicking the ‘Clear Date Range’ option at the bottom of the page.



The Infinite Calendar’s creator has used material design to great use to create a stylish calendar. The calendar’s navigation options and settings are all at the top. In addition, shadow and profundity effects are used to delineate each month of the year. Textual styles that seem fashionable are used for both the numbers and the text.


Calendar JavaScript Library

A PC programme or device, this calendar is. In this calendar, there are two windows, one for passages and one for showing the month-by-month calendar. The creator of this calendar thought ahead and included labels on both of your doors as a convenience. You may also add your own labels and colors to make the calendar portions more interesting.


Color Calendar

Online reservation websites will benefit greatly from using this calendar design. For an inn or café website, this calendar template may serve as a source of inspiration for your own dynamic calendar. Using interactive web components, the user may select a date and time on the calendar. Because so many different types of customers now own contact devices, such as sliders, it will be easier for them to customise their service.


Simple JavaScript Calendar

For mobile devices, this is a simple example of a calendar. For desktop computers, as well. To make your clients’ jobs easier, use this design as a foundation for your calendar gadget and then add extra shortcuts. Using the CodePen editor, you can see how your customizations will look before putting them into action on your website.



The finest free JavaScript calendars were covered in this post. With the necessary abilities, it is possible to make these calendars yourself and save time. The FullCalendar JS plugin may also be used to connect to the database and completely functionalize the above models.