jQuery Calendars

Some would think a free Internet would foster laziness. Developers are more willing than ever to aid projects. JavaScript libraries represent the greater open source community, especially jQuery with its expanding popularity and easy learning curve.

jQuery-based website calendars have potential. Date & calendar interfaces are rare yet useful. There are plenty of open source plugins for constructing sites with this style of interface. We’ve compiled free datetime jQuery plugins. Each plugin has its own advantages.


Open source programming is easily customizable. So check through this collection for interesting plugins. jQuery makes it easy to construct datepickers, and adding a few lines of code makes them fully functional and customisable. Create a custom datepicker with jQuery plugins. Datepickers are vital for many organisations and can help track time.

Bootstrap Year Calendar


Zabuto Calendar

To incorporate a calendar into your website, use this library, which is a jQuery plugin for Bootstrap. The calendar’s layout may be altered to suit your needs, and it’s available in numerous languages. Using an AJAX request containing JSON data, you may also display calendar events and include a legend. Any time the calendar’s onclick event is triggered, the associated function will be called.



It is a simple yet powerful and user-friendly JavaScript toolkit that can be used to construct customizable and draggable event calendars for modern web apps .Features: Fully Responsive Design, Intuitive Event Labels, Event List Detail Mode, Well Commented Code For Easy Customization.



Jquery Calendar Plugin For Creating Flexible Calendars.A jQuery plugin that is very lightweight and will assist you in effortlessly generating an animated and appealing calendar of your activities organised by month.


Jquery Week Calendar

All of these jQuery calendars and datepickers use straightforward coding, and the lessons focus on date and time interface adjustments. You may also create an interface by visualising and mapping different modifications. Some are basic and straightforward to code, while others provide sophisticated customization possibilities. All of these datepicker calendars feature comparable customization and user experience choices.



A compact jQuery plugin that, when activated, enables the creation of a simple calendar widget that can be personalised in a number of ways, including the renaming of the months and the activation of an event when a date is selected.


Wim Crouwel’s Calendar (Css Grid)

An intuitive, user-friendly, multi-language, highly configurable calendar, time/date/month/year picker, and date range picker component that can be developed in either jQuery or Vanilla JS.


Jquery Mini Event Calendar

It’s a top jQuery Calendar plugin. All major browsers support jQuery.Additionally, it is simple to integrate with websites that use either HTML or WordPress. In point of fact, it can be resized with relative ease, which implies that it is compatible with displays of any and all dimensions.


Jquery And Bootstrap 3/4 Year Calendar

Incorporating a weekly calendar into your app couldn’t be easier with this handy tool. Based on popular online weekly calendars like Google Calendar, it was developed using jquery and jquery ui. This project is currently unmaintained, however it has many customizable features already included.


Jquery Calendar

You may include a dynamic calendar into your websites with the help of jQuery calendar plugins. You may list events and write comments on select significant dates if you like. So, to integrate this completely working calendar on your website we have picked the finest jQuery calendar plugins.


User Calendar/Scheduler – Drag & Drop

Drag-and-drop tasks on the calendar/scheduler. Edit or delete a task by hovering over it. This jQuery plugin has a draggable calendar. Monthly events are retrieved in real-time using AJAX, and the calendar is readily customizable (an extension is provided for Google Calendar). It permits appearance changes and features user-activated event hooks (like clicking or dragging an event). jQuery UI themes.


Note App

A calendar is a table that is printed out and shows all of the days, weeks, and months of the year. In other words, we may argue that a list of events and dates within a specific year is significant for an organisation or the people who are participating in a particular activity because of the significance of the activity.


Event Calendar

Single, multiple, and range selections may be made in the calendar, which also features a rendering and interaction architecture that is designed for both mobile devices and desktop computers. Quickly toggle between a list and a calendar, or between a single choice and a range. Add labels or markers to the calendar for a more useful tool.



You are able to create, plan, and show dynamic or static events on a year, month, week, or day view with the help of Calendar.js, which is an event calendar plugin for jQuery that offers a high level of customization.


jQuery Calendar

A straightforward and lightweight (2.1 kilobyte), jQuery JavaScript plug-in that allows users to make calendars with a selection of eight adaptable colour schemes (or use your own style sheet).



jQuery calendars have promise. Rare yet useful: date & calendar interfaces. There are several open source plugins for building these webpages. Free datetime jQuery plugins are compiled. Every plugin has benefits. Open-source software is modifiable. Check out these plugins.