jQuery Checkboxes

Users can interact with web sites and generally POST data to a backend by selecting all applicable checkboxes. In contrast to Radio Buttons, which are always mutually exclusive inside their respective Radio Groups, checkboxes within the same group are not, allowing users to pick as many as are relevant. This is something to bear in mind while you check for the presence of a selected option.


Here we’ll look at both jQuery, a popular JavaScript library, and plain old JavaScript to determine how to determine whether or not a checkbox has been selected.

Checks Plugin

It contains everything you need. Customers can choose from many product areas. You may add one line of text per box or several lines for multiple boxes on the settings page. Checkboxes have radio buttons so customers may select many categories.



A JQuery-Based Alternative To Input Checkboxes, Img-Checkbox Replaces Those Elements. Image, Fontawesome, and User-Defined Content are all Acceptable Forms of Input Here.



Checkbox input plugin for JQuery that is both adaptable and up-to-date in appearance. Tinytoggle Is A Handy Plug-In That Hides Your Checkboxes In Html Inputs Tag. There are thirteen distinct sets of icons from which to pick, and you may adjust the hues, sizes, and other attributes to your heart’s content. Thanks to its foundation in web fonts, Tinytoggle may be quickly included into your project with no impact on load times.


Simple Switch

It’s a Jquery plugin that will make your checkbox seem nicer by using a simple switch. You should prioritise quality regardless of whether the plugin costs money or not. Low-quality plugins may cause harm to your site, thus you should carefully evaluate its code quality before installing it. There is a fear among some WordPress users that adding too many plugins would slow down their site.


Jquery Aschoice

A JQuery Plugin That Allows Users To Quickly Select A Single Or Multiple Items. These components improve your site’s operability in various ways. You won’t notice any differences in functionality if these components aren’t present. However, if they are active, they will do a variety of activities that are standard across the board for online platforms. If you find that your site may benefit from these options, you can add them as plugins.



A JQuery plugin that can make any checkbox element look like it was designed for use in iOS.


Lc Switch

A lightweight JQuery plugin that improves the appearance and functionality of forms. Give your applications a contemporary and flat appearance, and make the most of opportunities presented by events and public functions. Everything is only 5 kilobytes, and it is all inclusive.


Deep Checkbox

Jquery Plugin That Brings Some Logic To Nested Checkboxes.A checkbox, also known as a tickbox, tick box, and check box, is a graphical widget that enables the user to make a binary decision, also known as a choice between one of two viable alternatives that cannot both be selected at the same time.


Bootstrap Checkbox

A Checkbox Component Based On Bootstrap Framework.A checkbox widget built with Bootstrap 5. The checkbox is a common form and survey component that gives users the option to select numerous options. To choose many items from a list, use checkboxes, whereas to choose only one from a number of alternatives, use radio buttons.



The Google Recaptcha Image Selection Tool is quite similar to the Imgcheckbox JQuery Plugin, which makes image tags checkable.



With the assistance of the Alt-Checkbox JQuery Plugin, you may style checkboxes using CSS and icon fonts. It’s a great replacement for the standard HTML checkbox.


Jquery Tristate Checkbox Plugin

Jquery. Tristate.Js Is A Jquery Plugin That Allows You To Add “Tristate” Indeterminate Functionality To Checkboxes That Are Part Of Nested Lists.


Jquery Datatables Checkboxes

Checkboxes is an extension for the Jquery Datatables Library that offers a universal solution for working with checkboxes in a table. It is a part of the Jquery Datatables library.



Plugin for JQuery that enhances radio buttons and checkboxes in a progressive manner. This function transforms the standard checkbox and radio input element into a button that can be styled in any manner you like and comes with styles for when the button is active and when it is hovered over.



It supports multi-selecting (like checkboxes) as well as single-element selection. Multipicker is a JQuery plugin for choosing days, numbers, or other elements (Like Radio Buttons).



Checkboxes are a common form of input field that allows users to interact with web pages and POST data to a backend by ticking any applicable box. Checkboxes aren’t mutually exclusive like Radio Buttons, thus a user can choose numerous boxes that apply. When checking for chosen options, remember this.