jQuery Filter And Sort Examples

However, you can also use them for managing list views, for example on a portfolio page. Sorting and filtering are especially helpful if you have extensive datasets, such as table views. You may use them for managing list views.


You have complete control over the order, positioning, pagination, and organization of the components on your page or table thanks to the filter and sort plugins for jQuery. This article provides developers with a list of the best jQuery filter and sort plugins. The following plugins come with a variety of functions and make it simple to sort and filter data for your online applications.

Jquery Filter Data

It’s a customizable, biassed plugin for sorting. In a list (or table, etc.), it allows for both horizontal and vertical sorting to be performed using the mouse. Allows for both drop-down menus and nested lists


Excel Bootstrap Table Filter Jquery Plugin

It is a fantastic method for adding functionality like paging and sorting to a plain HTML table. If you give this jQuery plugin the location of a CSV or JSON file, it will read the data and display it. This plugin has numerous important characteristics, including its compatibility with any HTML page, its search and filter tables that update instantly without the need to download anything, and its ability to work across browsers and with DOM changes.



This plugin offers a sleek client-side sorting mechanism, making it possible to enhance your interface in a way that is both simple and straightforward. You heard it properly; because the sorting is handled entirely with JavaScript, there will be no page loading while it is taking place.



Another straightforward and lightweight JQuery plugin that enables easy filtering and ordering of portfolio items, articles, galleries, and so on.



Imagine a website with a huge data list. The user may have trouble sifting through all that data to find what interests him/her. Instafilta is a Jquery plugin that hides non-matching items while the user types. It can optionally filter out entire sections (groups of items) if none match. If you don’t use sections, it will work without any special instructions.



A Jquery Plugin To Filter A Table Based On Multiple Inputs. A search bar, averages and totals by column, record numbering, a see all button, and a reset button are all part of the package. In addition, you may highlight rows arbitrarily, toggle their header classes, have the spreadsheet automatically recognise the data type, and arrange columns based on your preferences.



This Jquery add-on creates filtering widgets from table column data. Layout elements group widgets independently of source columns. Multiple column selections affect other widgets. Using a delimiter, one table cell can contain many values (Like A Comma). The Source Dropdown or a common layout element can group selections. Individual selections are removable.


Jquery Tagsort Plugin

A plugin that utilises HTML5 data attributes to dynamically create interactive tags that can be used to filter a set of tagged elements. These tags may be used to filter the elements in question.


Sieve Jquery Plugin

Sieve is a JQuery plugin that enables you to quickly add an interactive search filter to any block of content. Sieve is available for free here.



Filterizr is a Jquery plugin that sorts, shuffles, and applies stunning filters over responsive galleries by making use of css3 transitions and custom css effects.


Jplist – Jquery Data Grid Controls

Jplist Jquery Data Grid Controls Is A Flexible Jquery Plugin That Allows You To Sort, Paginate, And Filter The Content Of Any Html Structure (Including Divs, Ul/Li, Tables, And More).



It is an efficient and lightweight jQuery plugin for filtering and arranging material in a visually appealing way. Using it for fluid, responsive layouts is a terrific idea because it’s compatible with your current HTML and CSS. It works wonderfully for online galleries, blogs, and other types of arranged material.



Jquery Plugin. Reorder And Filter Items With A Nice Shuffling Animation. Filter The jQuery plugin makes it easier to filter, sort, and search through a group of objects. These items might be in your online store, a photo gallery, or just some set of stuff.


Jquery Dynatable

Dynatable’s goal is to provide a straightforward, customizable API that facilitates exploration and manipulation of large datasets. The most frequently used features, including as sorting, searching, and filtering, may be used right out of the box thanks to the framework provided by Dynatable.



If you want to create stunning designs with jQuery, Isotope is the plugin for you. Filtering lets you see only the information you want, while sorting allows you to rearrange the presentation of the data. Though the syntax is straightforward, sophisticated designs are possible through clever use of space. Additionally, CSS3 transitions and transformations have been steadily improved.



You may also use them to manage portfolio list views. Sorting and filtering are useful for large table displays. They manage list views. jQuery’s filter and sort plugins enable you adjust the order, placement, pagination, and structure of page or table components.