jQuery Range Sliders

Including a basic slider or range slider for the essential information on your website might be a smart idea in order to improve the user experience if your website solicits user input via the use of web forms.


For instance, visual pickers may be used to display and allow users to choose from a variety of options for selecting an age group, salary range, or any other quantitative requirement.

Themed Price Ranges

It enables users to set a value through a movable bar (slider), and is a plugin that does just that. Theme, step, minimum/maximum value, and other options may all be configured in the plugin. It may be either vertically or horizontally positioned, and comes in two varieties: single and range. It’s available in both jQuery-based and “pure JS” versions.



You may establish a range between two integers (positive or negative) or even dates with the jQuery range picker, and then capture a value simply by sliding the pointer.


Material Design Range Slider

Expansion for the jQuery slider that imposes spacing and a specific order on a set number of knobs. A slider that allows for numerous sliders and ranges with a wide variety of configurable position, size, and distance constraints. The slider labels and the hover titles are also customizable.


Contact Form With Budget Slider

The contact slider is an easy-to-use contact slider that can showcase any type of form, including those created using Contactform7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, WordPress, Caldera, and Constant Contact. You’re free to modify it whatever you like and even make numerous sliders to show on specific Posts and Pages.


Range Slider With Feedback

A range slider is an input field that retailers may use to choose a numerical number that falls somewhere inside a specified range (minimum and maximum values).


Gear Slider

When you need a number that falls somewhere in a specific range, the jQuery UI slider comes in handy. The primary benefit of using a slider instead of a text input is that it eliminates the possibility of users inputting a value that is not legitimate. They can set the slider to any value and it will be accepted.


Range Slider Value Feedback

Develop a value feedback for the HTML5 Input Type=”Range”> Slider element.


Range Slider Output

A range slider is an input field that customers may use to choose a number from a predetermined range (minimum and maximum values).


Reactions Range Animation Using Svg

To get a number inside a given range, jQuery UI slider is utilised. It becomes difficult for users to submit an erroneous value when using a slider instead of text input, which is its fundamental advantage. With the slider, users may select any possible value.


“How Satisfied Are You?”

To update the values, utilise the change event on the slider and the keyup event on the textbox. Keep in mind that if you copy and paste using just the mouse in a textbox with the keyup event attached, the slider is not updated. You should also add change event to it in order to use this capability.


Smiley Rating Slider Animation

An input where you choose a value from a control or sliding bar is called a range slider. To create a range, we may slide the handlebar to the right or left. When adjusting your computer’s brightness or volume, you may typically notice a slider bar.


Rounded Range Slider

Range Slider with a Curved, Circular, and Circular Shape. Move the handle in the direction you want it to go, click on the position you want it to go, or just type the number directly. JQuery User Interface Design.


CSS Custom Range Slider

Users are able to choose a specific number from a predetermined range using a slider called a CSS range slider. These sliders include a handle. CSS range sliders are helpful for: budgets. pricing


Hsl Preview (Range Slider)

The implementation of only CSS styling for an input range slider; JS is only used to get the value.


Rubber Slider

To modify the values, use the keyup event on the textbox or the change event on the slider. Copying and pasting with the mouse does not update the slider on a textbox where just the keyup event is hooked. You’ll need to use the change event with this feature.


Range Slider With Dynamic Icons

You may provide a range of values by using an input called a range slider. Adjusting the range is as simple as swivelling the bar. The volume and brightness settings on a computer are often a slider bar.


Interest Rates Interactive

You may choose from either a continuous or discrete collection of values by dragging the range slider in the appropriate direction. By default, a continuous range of values, beginning with valueFrom and ending with valueTo, will be used.


Room Select Range Slider

The purpose of a range slider on a website is to let the user enter a numeric number that falls between a predetermined minimum and maximum. To put it another way, a slider provides a means for selecting a single number from a set of options.


Simple Calories Calculator

Users may see a range of values along a bar and pick a specific one using a slider. They work well for altering volume and brightness, as well as for adding filters to images.


Radial Range Slider

Sliders let users pick a value along a bar. They can change volume, brightness, and picture filters. Sliders can employ icons to express a numeric or relative scale. Icons express the range or type of values, such as volume change.



If your website solicits user input via online forms, a simple slider or range slider for vital information may improve the user experience. Visual pickers can be used to display and choose an age group, wage range, or other quantitative requirement.