Mouse Trail Effects

Because there are so many variables at play, it’s tempting to neglect some of them while designing for the best user experience. As an example, cursors are often overlooked yet have a significant influence on the user experience of a website.


Engineers are making a mouse pointer that flashes like a flashlight.When done right, cursors reveal information about what’s happening or what’s available on a website. If the user is allowed to resize a row or column, for instance, the cursor will change as they move over that element in the table.

Similarly, the cursor could shift if you try to move an image to an inaccessible area of a website by dragging and dropping it.

Rainbow Mouse Trail

Advanced Team’s cursor effect makes the user’s scrolling path seem like a rainbow-colored water wake. This distinguishes this black-and-white website design and helps users navigate.

See the Pen Rainbow Mouse Trail (using dom elements) by Marjo Sobrecaray (@maaarj) on CodePen.

Javascript Mouse Trail

A trail of any shapes that follows the movement of the mouse cursor around the screen is called a mouse trail. In most cases, they are incorporated into projects for the purpose of adding pleasure, decoration, or detail. The Looks Blocks and/or the Motion Blocks are typically utilized in mouse trails.

See the Pen JavaScript mouse trail by Ryan Boone (@falldowngoboone) on CodePen.

Sparkle Trail and Dust Cursor

Having a lot of windows open or a cluttered desktop backdrop might make it easy to lose track of the mouse pointer as you move it about the screen. An additional set of pointers that trail after the mouse cursor can be added to help the user maintain track of it.

JQuery Canvas Colored Mouse Trail

As the mouse pointer moves across the screen, it leaves a “mouse trail,” which can be any shape. Crafters frequently include them for aesthetic purposes. Most commonly, the Looks Blocks and/or the Motion Blocks are used to create a mouse trail.

See the Pen JQuery Canvas Colored Mouse Trail by Bryan C (@bryjch) on CodePen.

Test – Mouse Trail

Because users would often assume their operating system’s default mouse pointer, a custom cursor is a fun way to surprise and delight them. You’ll often see them in agency and designer portfolios because of their artistic bent.

See the Pen Test – Mouse Trail by James Nowland (@jnowland) on CodePen.

Ts Particles mouse trail

This colourful mouse pointer was created by Marjo Sobrecaray and has a rainbow of vivid colors. There will be a trail of colorful fragments following your cursor while you navigate the web.

See the Pen tsParticles mouse trail by Matteo Bruni (@matteobruni) on CodePen.

Mouse Trail

Website designers employ custom cursors to wow visitors expecting their operating system’s mouse pointer. Agency and designer portfolios use them a lot.

See the Pen mouse trail by dorothy wingrove (@dorothy) on CodePen.

Anime js particles Mouse Trails

The control should be placed directly beneath the mouse cursor to get the desired result. The effects on security are not immediately apparent.

Modern JavaScript Mouse Trail

A mouse pointer with a psychedelic and colorful aesthetic that was developed by Marjo Sobrecaray. You will see that there is a trail of colorful pieces following wherever the mouse pointer goes as you move it around.

Javascript Mouse Events Clock Follows

The most effective method for producing this effect would be to position the control in a position where it is visible to the mouse cursor. The ramifications for safety are in no way immediately clear.

Fake SVG Background with Mouse Trails

The pointer trail accessibility feature of a mouse with a trail makes the mouse pointer more visible and its movement more obvious. Users with low eyesight or those working on tiny screens will benefit the most from this feature.

See the Pen Fake SVG Background with Mouse Trails. by Graham Pyne (@gpyne) on CodePen.

Comet trail behind mouse cursor

The process of creating recurring, trailing pictures of the pointer (cursor) as it goes across the screen in order to make it more visible on screens that use a passive matrix.

See the Pen Comet trail behind mouse cursor by rgembalik (@rgembalik) on CodePen.

Ripple mouse trail

A mouse with a trail, sometimes referred to as a pointer trail, is an accessibility feature that makes it simpler to see the mouse pointer and follow its movement. Users with poor vision or tiny computer monitors benefit the most from it.

See the Pen Ripple mouse trail by Matthias (@matze) on CodePen.

90’s cursor fairy dust

A rehash of the vintage effects that sparked innovation and the worldwide urge to learn at least a little coding They have been updated, making them a bit more effective while maintaining their prior levels of annoyance (and fun).

See the Pen 90’s cursor fairy dust by Tim Holman (@tholman) on CodePen.

Fire trail (move mouse)

When you initially visit the site, the text “click and drag” will be spinning around the mouse cursor. This will remain until you click outside of the text. When you do this, components that are based on the design of the cards will become visible.

See the Pen Fire trail (move mouse) by Ali Beji (@alibeji) on CodePen.

Balls Mouse Trail Effect – Pure Vanilla JS and Canvas

The user’s cursor transforms into a ballpoint pen within a black circle as they move over a product, and the page’s backdrop color shifts to match the object’s. To further entice readers to check out the offering, the circle also has rotating text.

TsParticles mouse trail unveiling background

The goal is to display a trail of random pictures that follow the mouse. It has a kind of brutalist look, and there are several ways to reveal and conceal the pictures.

CSS Cursor Trail

A pointer trail, also known as a mouse with a trail, is an accessibility feature that makes it simpler to see and follow the movement of the mouse pointer. A mouse with a trail is referred to as a trail mouse. Users who have trouble seeing or whose computer monitors are on the smaller side may find it very useful.

See the Pen CSS Cursor Trail by Nika Layzell (@mystor) on CodePen.

Text trail on mouse path Gareth Follow

The plan is to track the mouse’s movement and display a succession of pictures at random. It creates an impression that is similar to that of a brutalist, and there are a number of different ways that the pictures may be revealed or concealed.

See the Pen text trail on mouse path by Gareth (@garethj) on CodePen.


It’s tempting to ignore some aspects while designing for user experience since there are so many. Cursors, which are often disregarded, affect website user experience. Engineers are building a flashlight-like mouse pointer. Cursors disclose webpage content when done appropriately. The cursor changes as the user resizes a row or column. If you drag and drop an image to an unavailable website, the cursor may change.