Best Photo Galleries In Pure JavaScript & CSS

There are a few basic CSS galleries, but the majority of the sliders we’ve looked at are jQuery-powered. In order to help you quickly find what you’re looking for, this collection has been divided into primary categories. If you’re looking for a free or paid solution for your jQuery gallery or slider, we’d like to remind you that you have the option.


Just browse through the images and select the best one for your project. No one wants to spend money on a non-commercial project, so why would you? When working as a freelancer, it may be worthwhile to invest a little money to make an impression on your customer and save yourself a lot of time in the process! Alternatively,

Little Gallery

This is an easy and simple technique to throw in an attractive appeal to any portfolio and gallery based websites. A grid-based layout is constructed utilising the basic foundation that highlights all of your designs and items. Each picture also conducts a smooth enlargement of the image frame when hovered over showcasing it even more.


Paginated Photo Gallery

It has a number of transitions that are truly unique and that I have not seen anywhere else, as well as some more basic transitions. It has an image pre-loader, which means that the slider will only begin to function once the photos have been loaded and are ready to be shown. There will be no clunky animations with pictures that are only partially loaded.


CSS Grid Image Gallery with Hover Effect

It comes with 33 pre-installed themes, but you may also be creative since slideshow includes a CSS file that allows you to edit the sections of the slideshow that you desire. HTML objects, movies, and subtitles may all be added with relative ease. One disadvantage of this presentation is that it is lengthy.


Sticky Photostack

If the free pre-built themes aren’t sufficient for your needs, you may purchase a theme from their own theme shop. You may also just order a theme that has been customized for you. However, upon closer inspection, the free edition has all you require, as well as a large number of free themes.


Flex Imgae Gallery with Hover Effect

Multiple transitions are included in this jQuery banner rotator plugin for your convenience. The thumbnails and buttons make it simple to navigate between your banners and advertisements. It is also possible to resize and configure the banner rotator by using the plugin option.


Grid Gallery

With CSS3 transitions and touch support, Slide JS is a responsive jQuery plugin that is simple to set up and uses CSS3 animations. It’s a terrific feeling to have your website’s home page shown as the first page of the site, and it’s completely free. It also comes with comprehensive documentation; you can get a live glimpse of it on their main page.


Diamond Shape Grid

There are also tags that show up along the hover effects that provide further information about that image. Adding additional information for the consumers to view before they begin reading the material is a simple and effective method. It’s arranged in a way that’s edgy and trendy, giving it a contemporary feel. Using this example on your website is guaranteed to increase the number of interactions your visitors have with it.


Portfolio Filter Gallery with CSS and Vanilla Javascript

Using numerous CSS and HTML animations and components, Gabriela Johnson has created a stunning CSS picture gallery. The gallery is presented in a series of hexagonal image containers, as the name suggests Even the smallest aspects of lighting and shadows have been meticulously considered by the artists. It’s also worth noting that the gallery includes eye-catching animation when you hover over or click on an image. It’s a play on lighting that creates a luminous effect.


Winter Gallery

The Gallery is mobile-friendly and includes full-screen photographs in a variety of settings, as well as configurable scrollbars and menus. It is a contemporary and visually appealing image collection. This one is the most appropriate for exhibiting a photographic portfolio since it can truly offer the appropriate credit to the photographer’s effort.


Accordion Gallery Zoom Animation

If you’re searching for a design and animation that is more simplistic and minimal, this is the one for you. Simply said, this is a CSS picture gallery designed to highlight your creative abilities, as implied by the name. At first, it’s just a grid gallery where you can see all of your photographs. When a mouse is poised over an animation, a border box appears to indicate the selection. In order to have a closer look at the photographs, you may click on them, which expands the image over the gallery’s other material.



Most of the sliders we’ve looked at are powered by jQuery, although there are a few basic CSS galleries. For your convenience, we’ve organized this collection into categories. Use these to narrow down your search. We’d like to remind you that there are both free and paid options for your jQuery gallery or slider.