React Animated Sidebar Indicator

It is beneficial from both an ux and ui point of view to make use of the sidebar navigation since it is the most effective UI element for displaying the navigation elements to users. Using this information, you will be able to figure out how to develop an animated horizontal sidebar navigation in a React application by making use of React hooks.

The useState, useRef, and useEffect hooks will be utilized in the construction of the animated sidebar navigation component. We will make advantage of the transition feature in CSS3 so that the animation may be added to the sidebar menu.

Animated Sidebar Indicator

The sidebar menu displays important navigation options. How can you make a React sidebar menu? We won’t need a plugin or package to develop a reusable sidebar menu. We’ll design a full-screen sidebar menu with React hooks (useState, useEffect, useRef). Hooks allow us cutting-edge ways to manipulate the sidebar UI’s state and behavior. CSS is needed for UI animation, style, and feel. We’ll build custom CSS to design and add motion to the react side navbar.