React Lightweight Carousel Components (2022)

Are you seeking for React Carousel Components to employ in your project? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the correct spot since we’ve compiled the most popular React Lightweight Carousel Components for you right here.


It is possible to select any of the following React Carousel Components that best matches your web based applications. All of these React Carousel Components have received great ratings from other developers.

Lightweight Carousel Component for React Apps

A card carousel lets you to present data in the form of cards in a horizontal swiping view, similar to how a list is displayed. Instead of having a free scrolling option, each card has a specific snap position that the user may scroll to. For example, when the user must pick between multiple categories, this should provide a more satisfying experience to him or her.


Simplest Infinite Carousel for React

This package is a very unbiased collection of React components that may be combined by the user to construct a carousel with virtually no restrictions on the DOM structure or CSS styling. This carousel is for you if you’re weary of battling against the CSS and DOM structure of another developer’s work.

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Lightweight Carousel Component for React

Despite the fact that several excellent carousels (such as sleek) do not have true React implementations, This library offers you with a carousel that is more than just a jQuery wrapper; it can be used as a controlled or uncontrolled element (similar to inputs), and it has a plethora of helpful capabilities.

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A Lightweight Production-Ready Carousel

Material UI is used to create a generic and extendible carousel UI component for the React framework. It changes amongst the children that have been selected utilizing a seamless animation. The next and previous buttons are provided. Additionally, it has interactible bullet indications.

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A Simple Image Carousel built with React

Create a carousel like a picture gallery, shopping product card, or whatever else you want with this react responsive carousel component with grid layout, which is easy to use.

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You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for the best React Carousel Components. The React Carousel Components are all highly rated React Carousel Components that you may use in your web-based applications.