React Native Alphabet Listview with a Sidebar to Jump to Sections Directly

A number of components for displaying data lists are made available by the framework known as React Native. In most cases, you should make use of either the FlatList or the SectionList. A scrollable list of dynamic data that is nevertheless organize in a similar fashion is displayed by the FlatList component.

FlatList is an effective solution for dealing with lengthy data lists in which the total number of items may shift over time. In contrast to the more general ScrollView, the FlatList only renders the components that are visible on the screen at the same time, rather than rendering all of the elements simultaneously.

React Native Alphabet Listview

The company Meta Platforms, Inc. is responsible for developing the open-source user interface software framework known as React Native. It enables developers to utilise the React framework in conjunction with the native platform features of Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP so that it can be use to construct apps for those operating systems.