Tailwind 404 Alone

Many premium website designs have a 404 error page. If not, try these free options. Before listing error page templates, let’s define a professional 404 page. You must determine what to do following an error page. You may also show them relevant recommendations.

Many news websites use this method, and some news and magazine website themes offer it by default. Or, add a search box or button to take the user to their previous page or your homepage.

Tailwind 404

An error page might just some text, or you can keep them interested with an added function. One of such things may be a search tool that helps people discover the exact page they are looking for. After all, if they landed on an error page, the page is gone, and it may be because they input the wrong phrase to your search field. They may now try again with this fantastic free 404 error page template without going back.