Tailwind 404 Error Page Template

Before listing error page templates, let’s define a professional 404 page. You must determine what to do following an error page. You may also show them relevant recommendations.

Many news websites use this method, and some news and magazine website themes offer it by default. Or, add a search box or button to take the user to their previous page or your homepage. These and other characteristics keep visitors. You don’t want error-page visitors to quit your site.

404 Page

It’s up to you whether or not your error pages are dull and uninspiring. Your website’s visitors expect and deserve to be wowed. It is possible to maintain your page’s look and identity intact even if you have a 404 error page.

It’s also a good idea to have a call-to-action button that leads back to your main page, so your visitors can take action. No matter how little or large the piece of content is, be sure you modify and enhance every aspect of your website.