Tailwind Avatars with Group and Badges

Web apps and dashboards often make use of avatars as a means of representing the user’s identity within the context of the digital realm. The Tailwind Avatar category offers a variety of customization options, including text, photos, and buttons.

Depending on the parameters of the design and the way it interacts with the various other components, an avatar may take the form of a rounded rectangle or a circular shape. These avatars may be used in a variety of different panels, including notification panels, action panels, notifications, and so on. Altering the hues of the components both inside and outside of the avatars enables you to create designs that are uniquely your own.

Avatars by Haynajjar

If your project requires a significant amount of front-end customisation, does not adhere to a standard layout, or if you have greater experience working with CSS, then Tailwind is probably the best choice for you. There is a great deal more to Bootstrap and Tailwind than meets the eye.