Tailwind CSS 404 Error Page

The HTTP status code 404 indicates that the server was unable to locate the requested page. Website visitors are informed if they’ve clicked on an invalid link or entered an incorrect URL. When this occurs, users may become angry.

Interactive error pages are a terrific way to keep people engaged and to transform a negative experience into one that they will look forward to. As a result, we’ve compiled eye-catching and amusing example of CSS 404 error pages to get you started on creating your own.

Tailwind CSS 404 Error Page

404 Error is one of the most frequent website issues that everyone is familiar with. You’ll get a 404 error page design with your website template, which is the most common error page design.

No matter what type of website you run, you must have a 404 error page in place. In order to avoid this, you should make sure that visitors to your site are not sent to a 404 error page when they try to access a non-existent page on your site.

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