Tailwind CSS Avatar Round With Status

Make use of the avatar component to display a graphical representation of a user profile by employing either an image element or an SVG object as a function of a number of different styles and sizes.

You may utilize the examples from Flowbite to adjust the styles and sizes of these components using the utility classes that are provided by Tailwind CSS. The avatar component can be used on your website as a visual identification for a user profile.

Tailwind CSS Avatar Round With Status

In its most basic form, Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework that enables speedy development of individualized user experiences. It is a highly configurable, low-level CSS framework that provides you with all of the building blocks you need to develop bespoke designs without any unpleasant opinionated styles that you have to struggle to override. Specifically, it does not give you any of these styles by default.

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