Tailwind Dashboards

Although there are quite a few entries on the list that are offered for no cost whatsoever, we have also included some paid options.

You read it correctly; you are not required to immediately pay a charge in order to start working on your project. Take use of the cost-free options, which include a plethora of useful features, components, and parts.


Please take note that although having distinct technology, several of the templates share the same names. In order to avoid creating any sort of misunderstanding.

Create a robust admin with the help of a dashboard template that is ready to be used, and you will be able to unleash the full potential of your application.

Dashboard Template

This beginning page template is adaptable for use in the marketing of any kind of physical or digital item. It is also possible to use it as a sales tactic in order to achieve a higher exchange rate. It has a high level of personalizability, is comprehensively documented, features interactive contact forms, and is completely responsive.


Tailwind Css Task Manager Dashboard Ui

Taiwind Admin is a conventional and up-to-date premium tailwind CSS dashboard perfect for building of dashboard, SAAS applications or online apps. It offers comprehensive demo pages and parts to aid in the building of beautiful web app applications.


Group List

Using this template, you’ll be able to develop a design that is not only slick and stylish but also provides the consumers with the best possible experience when using your product. It offers the most recent product, which assists in the simplification of your customer-centric application, and it has a modern user interface.



Tailwind CSS and React technologies are used in this full-fledged package. To make it your own, all you have to do is download and change it. It comes with a massive 120 components and four sample pages as a free bundle. All of the accessible items may be mixed and matched. It’s possible to further personalize each aspect, or to leave them as-is.


Admin Dashboard Along With Dark Mode & Responsive Sidebar

Using this template, you’ll be able to develop a design that is not only slick and stylish but also provides the consumers with the best possible experience when using your product. It has the most up-to-date product, which assists in optimizing your customer-centric application, and it has a modern user interface.



In a wave of quick web development and responsive designs, there is a steady stream of technical advances A big factor in this development is Tailwind CSS, which has been used globally. An application’s or website’s fluid design and interactive style are crucial to making an impact on users. It may sound simple, but if you don’t proceed with caution, you might end up defeating the whole point of creating the app in the first place.


Discord Clone

The process of developing websites involves a lot of activity. As a result, it is possible for the work to become too intricate at times. It’s possible that mapping the influence of style will become a laborious and time-consuming process, which will slow down the development of the application or website.


Responsive React Dashboard With Tailwind

It provides you with the choice between a bright mode and a dark mode, and it incorporates more than one hundred different components into each pattern. In addition, the widgets and reusable components make it easier for you to construct your next Tailwind CSS project using React and nextjs.


Project/Kanban Board – With Tailwind Css

It is a format that exudes an air that is clean and calming at the same time. In addition to that, its user interface is designed to seem like stacked sheets of paper. Despite the fact that there are numerous challenges involved in addressing the many categories of visitors, this adds order and depth.


Dashboard Ui

It is entirely programmed in the Reactjs language. Widgets and a variety of charts that have already been pre-coded with chart.js 3 are both available here. If you are interested in creating a stunning User Interface for a SaaS, administration, or any other modern online app, etc., then you should read on. It offers a lot of value for nothing.


Online Courses Dashboard

The template consists of a single HTML file only. In addition to that, it is using a complete Tailwind CSS file that is hosted on the CDN. If you want to get the most out of this template, the moment you get it, you should get started on changing it. If you follow the style guide, you will have a better understanding of it.


Lo-Fi Tailwind Css App/Dashboard/Admin Shell

Tailwind Admin is a straightforward and adaptable open-source administration template that was developed with Tailwind CSS. It provides a wide variety of widgets, components, and widgetized layouts, all of which are designed to be reusable, so that you may construct your next project or application with ease.


Lo-Fi Tailwind Css App/Dashboard/Admin Shell – Darkmode

Each and every one of the applications and pages has been meticulously crafted to cater to the requirements of any Admin or Web App. All of the JavaScript functions in Vanilla JS are examples of excellent programming. They have done all in their power to become less reliant on it as much as they can.


Lo-Fi Slack Ui With Tailwind Css

It is a straightforward admin template that makes use of Tailwind CSS. It has a little amount of activity and, in comparison to other admin templates, a significantly lower level of capability. However, if you put enough effort into this open-source administrative template, you may make it worthwhile enough. There are no live previews that can be accessed at this time.


Tailwind Teacher Dashboard

There is now an open-source admin dashboard template for Tailwind CSS produced by Tailwind Toolbox. A simple HTML file is all that is needed to create the template. The Tailwind CSS file is also hosted on the CDN. It is imperative that you begin tweaking this template immediately if you want to get the most out of it. To have a better grasp on the document, go to the style guide.


Messenger Clone – Tailwinds

The template includes a wide variety of UI Kits that are built with Tailwind CSS. It is an open-source template that has a highly respectable design and can produce the highest possible volume. ensure that you have a look at the sample by clicking the button that is provided below.



In conclusion, we would like to add that Tailwind CSS is an incredible framework due to the fact that it liberates you from all of the limits. You don’t have to stick with the same same and predictable design templates anymore. In conclusion, we hope that your next project using a Tailwind CSS admin template goes as smoothly as possible.