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Because it prioritizes usability above aesthetics when employing classes, Tailwind CSS is a CSS framework that is seeing significant expansion. This makes it incredibly easy to generate pages directly from your HTML without having to write in any CSS files, and it also makes it very easy to retain the same classes throughout all of your projects.

Built with the utility classes from Tailwind CSS, the most popular component library is called Flowbite. It includes a variety of interactive components, such as dropdowns, navbars, carousel sliders, and more.

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Tailwind The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) foundation gives you the ability to style the HTML markup of your website directly. It does this through the utilization of utility classes. One example of this would be the CSS attribute background-color: black; being represented by the class bg-black. In addition, the provision of uniform scaling, consistent colours, and classes for breakpoints will make the process of developing websites that are both appealing to the eye and responsive to user input much simpler.