Tailwind Simple 404 Error Page Template

The most frequent website error is 404, which means the page you were looking for could not be located. Other typical errors include 400 for the invalid request, 401 for unauthorized access, 403 for an error that states access is denied, the error code 404, and 500 for an internal server problem.

The 404 error page is the one that comes pre-bundled with website templates the vast majority of the time, making it the most common of all these error pages. In addition to that, you will also receive a very large number of other options, guaranteeing that there is something for everyone in this collection.

404 Template

You can redirect the URL or just use an error page if the page they are seeking for no longer exists. In addition, people may accidentally type in the wrong search term and land up on a 404 error page. Even if they land on a page that yields no results, you may still hold their attention. You have the option of either directing them back to the beginning or allowing them to use the search tool.