Tailwind Simple 404 Page

Many of the premium website designs feature a separate 404 error page template with their bundle. If this is not the case for you, you can substantially benefit these free alternatives. Before diving into the error page templates list, let us explore what makes a wonderful professional 404 page.

You must decide what the user must do after landing on an error page. Also, you may immediately provide them options that are closely linked to their search query. You might have seen this method on many news websites, and even some of the news and magazine website templates give you this choice by default. Or else you may immediately give a search box or a button to return the customer back to their previous page or your homepage.

Simple 404 page

A good 404 page is required when a person puts in a wrong URL or attempts to search for something that isn’t available on your website.

Also, if you have material on your website that is no longer active, you may clear things up using a 404 page. Use this text-only design with a back-to-home button to direct visitors to your main page.