The Best Video Editing Software for 2022

If you have access to high-quality video editing software, you may create polished advertisements for your items that can be shared on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other video-sharing sites. You may set yourself apart from the competition with the aid of a variety of free, straightforward video editing apps.


Product films that are professionally made are a more interesting kind of content marketing than still images alone and may help convince customers to make a buy. According to Wyzowl, a business that specialises in animated explainer videos, 78% of video marketers claim that using video has directly increased sales.

The greatest video editing software, both free and premium, may be found in the following list, which we’ve assembled from all over the Internet. We’ve outlined some of the most helpful aspects of each product, but keep in mind that every entrepreneur has different requirements.


The fact that InVideo is entirely hosted in the cloud sets it distinct. Never worry about losing your progress or downloading software. The editor functions effectively despite being loaded with transitions, stickers, frames, and other tricks and features since it is entirely browser-based. Both novice and experienced users may benefit from the editor, since both can get a head start by utilising one of the platform’s more than 4000 templates while novice users can start from scratch. Additionally, the 8Mn+ iStock library adds flavour to your projects.


Media Composer

You now have the ability to build unique workspaces when working with multiple monitor setups, and Media Composer will automatically remember your interface layout based on the display configuration you are using. These new additions were introduced in version 2022.7 of Media Composer. Make the clip notes more visible inside the timeline you’re working with. When you are transferring, become comfortable with the keyboard mapping that you are used to from Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve. Additionally!



There is a free and a premium version of VSDC’s desktop video editing programme. The whole range of VSDC’s video editing tools, including the mask tool and chroma key capabilities for green-screen video effects, are included in the free edition as well. VSDC is widely used as a means of editing GoPro content. Video stabilization, advanced post-production effects, slideshow/presentation capabilities, 3D diagram templates, and direct social media distribution are just some of the additional features available in the paid complete edition.



Mac OS includes iMovie, a well-known staple. iMovie is straightforward and offers a straightforward drag-and-drop interface to transfer files from your disc to your desktop, like many native Apple products do. It’s a simple approach to create effective films that can help your YouTube marketing efforts. The fact that iMovie files are kept in Apple’s cloud allows you to work on your movie interchangeably on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, which is a major benefit. Additionally, iMovie is regularly updated, so you can anticipate fresh additions and enhancements at all times.



One of the greatest free video editing programmes for Windows, Shotcut also performs admirably on Mac and Linux computers. Since Shotcut is an entirely open-source tool, you can use all the features without having to purchase an update. Even though this video editing programme has many useful functions and instructional tutorials, some users might not like the UI very well. That’s because Shotcut was first created for Linux, as seen by its user interface. However, it’s still a good video editor on the inside.



Lightworks has an easy-to-use interface that makes it straightforward to learn. It is one of the more approachable and simple to learn Linux video editing software solutions on this list because it also provides a selection of comprehensive video lessons. Lightworks features a library of unique stock movies and audio clips that are authorised for use in any videos you edit using the platform, enabling you to give any marketing video a professional appearance.


Davinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve has evolved from its roots as a colour grading tool into a widely used editing platform. If you’re coming from Premier Pro, you’ll be right at home with the timeline, monitor window, and media pool. More sophisticated features include the addition of a ‘cut page’ to the Dual Time and a Neural Engine that use machine learning to create special effects like item removal from a scene and morph transitions that centre on a person’s face. HDR colour grading, teamwork, and more are all available in the Pro edition. After paying the one-time purchase price, you own it forever and never have to worry about another bill.



With Typito, a top-rated platform for creating videos, you can quickly edit your Zoom video footage and add on-brand automated captions and subtitles. Create amazing, brand-compliant business videos with your Zoom recordings. By using this seamless interface, you can automatically submit the recordings of your Zoom meetings and webinars to Typito, where you can edit, trim, and crop them. You can also utilise the brand kit to add spectacular text effects using your company’s logo, fonts, and colours. On Typito, movies may be made without charge. Nearly all of Typito’s capabilities may be used to create videos with the free plan, however there are certain restrictions on how your film can be exported. Our pricing page has further information about our programmes.



Record your computer screen and webcam to give polished demonstrations, pitches, and presentations.
Do a screencast, a facecast, or both! Then, you can easily switch between full- and split-screen viewing by utilizing our in-built transitions.Soapbox makes it simple and fast to make professional-quality films. There is no requirement to transfer data outside of the system. After giving your films a thorough cleaning, they will be immediately publishable. Wistia’s Soapbox is a freemium Chrome addon that simplifies the process of creating videos. There is no prerequisite knowledge or expensive tools required to begin using this free resource. Leaving a lasting impression is as easy as pressing the record button.



Biteable is a video creation and editing programme that is hosted in the cloud and is aimed to assist businesses in the creation of video content by utilising configurable templates, an integrated animation library, stock footage, and other features.



You may start evaluating free video editing software now that you know your possibilities. Each choice has pros and cons, but you should now know which one is ideal for your business. Videos garner more attention on social media than photos or text updates. A professional, well-made marketing video may help explain your product’s narrative, overcome YouTube’s algorithm, attract your audience’s interest, and establish your brand’s personality. Improve your content marketing. With so many free video editing tools, your brand’s marketing video material is limitless.