React DatePickers and TimePickers for 2022

When developing your apps, reusing components, like React datepickers and timepickers speeds up development, ensures a consistent user experience, and cuts down on problems. However, many helpful components on GitHub may be downloaded and used in our own apps thanks to the standalone OSS libraries that are available.


These open-source components/libraries include date picker components you can use to speed up your React applications that are popular, up-to-current, maintained, and relevant.

The items on this list are not in any particular order, but are instead listed in whatever order they appear. Check out the collection of picker components, or use it to isolate and package your own picker components.

A Simple and Reusable Datepicker Component for React

While the others are more complex, this one is the simplest. If you’re seeking for a lightweight library for your project, this date picker is for you. Don’t be misled by its little stature; it’s capable of delivering all the standard features date pickers require, and then some. As a result of its basic design, it is extremely customizable. It has its own date utilities for manipulating dates and translating them into different languages. However, if you choose to utilise a different date library, you can do so.

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An Easily Internationalizable, Mobile-friendly Datepicker Library for the Web

Lightweight libraries are included in this collection. To ensure that this date picker works, there is no date library required. You may choose between a year-by-year calendar, decade-by-decade calendar, or century-by-century calendar. The lack of examples on how to use this package is a drawback. Only a sampling of its most typical application is available. You’ll have to go through the prop documentation if your use case isn’t popular.

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A Datetime Picker for your React App

It is a kind of GUI widget that lets the end user to see and choose dates from a calendar, such as days, months, years, and so on. It may also contain the option to select either a date or a time. Date and time pickers and timepickers are the names given to these widgets in this scenario. In other words, it’s a Datepicker built on top of React.

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Date Range Picker

A React Datepicker on a browser version of a site eliminates the need to write down the date by allowing visitors to set or choose it with just their mouse. It’s always preferable for the end user to have something they don’t need than to be without something they do.

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Date Picker

First and foremost, let’s clear the air with an old standby. Among today’s most popular date pickers is react-datepicker. The drawback of react-datepicker is that it is written in English by default. You’ll need to do some adjusting if your next app or project is not in English. However, it’s straightforward, trustworthy, and a classic that you can’t go wrong with.

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A Lightweight but Complete Datetime Picker React Component

Another library entry is on our to-do list. The React datepicker is full of high-quality, tested, accessible, and eye-catching components in a rainbow of colours. Over 80 of these books may be found here in the library. Each one may be downloaded separately from the URL provided below and each one will undoubtedly become an attractive addition to your undertaking.

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Date Picker Component for React

This library’s documentation provides examples for any use case you can think of, which is a big plus. Useful examples include custom class names, day-specific highlighting and the addition of date and time filters. In addition, their examples are written in JavaScript, which implies that the developer may use any date library to manipulate dates. However, date-fns are used for localization.

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Team Material Date Picker

A number of notable libraries, such as Material-UI, contain high-quality date-picker components. For the most part, these components may be separated from the library and deployed as standalone packages using Bit. React component library Material-UI has previously isolated its date/time pickers into a separate package for its users.

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This concludes our survey of date picker tools. There are several date picker libraries to select from, as you can see. Time and date picker components can be found in certain apps, whereas others just feature a date picker. Some are straightforward, offering merely a date picker, while others include a slew of settings for fine-tuning the user experience. Finally, there are those that are well-suited to large UI component libraries like Material UI and Ant Design.